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  • Exclusive Private Off-road Drive - Just for you.

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    Self-drive in the desert, safely.

    A bespoke, desert self-drive, tailor made just for you (and your family & friends).

    This exclusive guided drive focusses on giving you the very best desert driving experience. This is ‘your’ drive, and tailored to meet your needs. 

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    Tell us what you and your group want in terms of terrain, level of difficulty and pace. You can even plan your breaks, photo ops, or create the best sand splashing ‘Insta’ moments. Our drive leads will take care of the rest.

    If you've never ventured out into the sand, you'll learn the basic sand driving techniques required for you to fully enjoy this exclusive desert driving experience. If your group is more experienced, the Marshal will adapt the drive to match. 


Private Drive

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  1. 900.00 AED 1,200.00 AED
  2. 900.00 AED 1,200.00 AED
  3. 1,200.00 AED 1,500.00 AED
  4. 1,500.00 AED 2,000.00 AED
  5. 1,800.00 AED 2,400.00 AED
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