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Best Off-Road Club in UAE for desert and wadi enthusiasts with special attention to safety and friendly approach.

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  2. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    As rahim bhai said, excellent planning by @Asif Hussain, absolutely wonderful terrain and the tranquility while watching the stars at night have recharged the batteries for the work week. Looking forward to the next drive.
  3. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Thanks @Asif Hussain for once again choosing a fantastic area. @sertac well managed and our surprise package @Mujtaba. This time you've proved to be an excellent planner in terms of the Last petrol station on the way and for the Friday prayers for Muslims. The most amazing journey became even better as we lay on the tallest dune in the area and caught some meteors on a starry night. @Gaurav bhai, thank you for your guidance, patience, trust and back planning to make sure each trip is an enjoyable experience. @shadow79 most capable with it without the race juice and @skumar83 totally my best buddy to help me with sweep duties. Love you all.
  4. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    @sertac and @Mujtaba please mention your mobile number and thanks for joining..
  5. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    we will miss you basel..
  6. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    all the best guys and have safe and enjoyable drive. picture and videos please. Thanks Basel
  7. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    I'm all in with full support, excitement, peace of mind, energy, enthusiasm and all other bla bla bla. As tomorrow is the end of my roller coaster ride I have been through in last one month at work and really looking forward to chilling out with this nice drive. Thank you, Asif Bhai for this lovely new area.
  8. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    thanks for joining @Gaurav @skumar83 @Rahimdad.....
  9. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    good initiative @Rahimdad...... @sertac you are most welcome to join us. please RSVP the above calender.
  10. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    I want to try See you all friday.
  11. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Amazing choice @Asif Hussain looks promising. @sertac seems to be a testing area. Your side is good and your skills are not so bad from what I've noticed on the previous drive. If you believe you are capable of handling medium to talk dunes you're most welcome to join. If you come and feel you are not ready for the challenge you can join one of us in our rides. What say?
  12. Maliha newbie drive - 10 Nov 2017

    It was truly a memorable and relaxed drive with loads of fun. Thanks to everyone.
  13. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Looks amazing asif bhai. Count me in.
  14. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Wow this looks crazy Should i be there? Are you counting me as a fewbie?
  15. BU TAIS - Desert Drive

    Lets head down south for a drive among the BU TAIS dunes.This will be a long drive about 2:00 +Hrs from Dubai via E311 before we reach there, followed by another 40 to 50kms (or more) of dunes.. so please be prepared. This area has soft sand, huge dunes and massive bowls. They are difficult to enter due to their height, and one can only access them through "steps" strategy. Once on top they are fun to drive as all big dunes are inter-connected and offer broad ridge to ride.. When: 17th November, Friday 2017 Meeting time: 12:15PM, convoy will move sharp at 12:45 PM Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/qQZTTmnD7fD2 (Meeting point is near mosque, we will finish friday prayer and leave immediately) Please Note, at meeting point there is no petrol station. The last refueling station is ADNOC AL Khatim (Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Highway) at this GPS coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/geGpKfBveSQ2 From this point we have to drive around 50kms to deflating point. It is recommended to carry extra fuel (10L of jerry can) Level of drive: Fewbie - Intermediate - Expert - Advance Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Ensure your 4x4 is is in perfect condition and spare tyre in good condition. Carry all off road gears, recovery equipment, radio and flag is must. What to bring along: Snacks, quick meal, whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn Approximate finish time: 6:00 PM, 17th November, Friday 2017 RSVP the below calendar:
  16. Maliha newbie drive - 10 Nov 2017

    That was amazıng drıve for me. I am waıtıng for next one Fossil Rock
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  24. Maliha newbie drive - 10 Nov 2017

    Good afternoon to all.. sorry for the very late reply but i would like to join you .. i am on the way thanx
  25. Maliha newbie drive - 10 Nov 2017

    Sorry guys...am out of this week drive.. hope you have a good time.
  26. Maliha newbie drive - 10 Nov 2017

    Good one Gaurav bhai. I'm in with full support.