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  2. And after 2 months we will see your face @Asif Hussain, welcome back and we missed you
  3. Area 53 - Intermediate drive - 20 Apr 2018

    Thank you @sertac. After 2months i am going to see sand this friday. Thank you @Gaurav for posting this drive and for selecting this wonderful terrain... see you all at area53
  4. Nice to see @Asif Hussain is in Also nice to see @NOOR OMAR will be with us this week again. For sure i will be there.
  5. Love the challenge this area provides and with the final climb to top of Iftar bowl. Will most definitely be there.
  6. It's time have some intermediate fun with a drive from Pyramids to Iftar Bowl in Area 53 area. This area is best known for its rolling tall dunes and massive drops. So get ready for lots and lots of fun with an overdose of adrenalin. When: 20 April 2018 Meeting time: 1400 PM, the convoy will move sharply at 1415 PM Where: Bidayer Shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/zV7uCUyrgGn Level of drive: Fewbie - Intermediate Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive, challenge and enjoy until about 7 PM What to bring along: Evening snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 7 PM Please RSVP on below calendar
  7. We missed you too Emmanuel while fiddling with Xterra traction control and also shared your and Mike competitive story for off-roading vs fishing.
  8. Wish I was here. I couldn’t make it unfortunately. Welcome @fa793 and @Faraz Ahmed...
  9. @fa793 and @Faraz Ahmed appreciate your feedback here
  10. It was my first experience which was great with the whole convoy. A special thanks to @Gaurav and @sertac for their help and advice during some very (VERY VERY) tricky situations. It was the right combination of learning with various challenges and fun along the way.
  11. This newbie drive was truly filled with new surprises. We welcome two newbies - Faraz Ahmed with FJC and Faizan Ahmed with Xterra. Both were eager to learn, well prepared and ready to test their beast capabilities. As we entered our best sandbox for training, within few hours we have reached to the right side of Pink Rock in medium range dunes. Usually, this area is for 2nd or 3rd newbie drive, but the convoy response and two newbies kept me motivated to explore new boundaries. The second surprise was to see Noor after a very long time and that too with a wedding ring in his finger. Congrats buddy. The third was the Sertac holding on to sweep duties for the first time with very capable and controlled command. Good job. As we reach the Pink Rock and played for a while and then all the cars crossed on to the other side to find a good spot for the break. Just before we could end the drive, both the newbie decided to test our recovery skills in very surprising stuck - next to each other and FJC rested fully on the front and back bumpers. That was a sight to be held, I hope someone can share the pic here for that historic stuck for winning a best stuck ever contest. My pictures have been uploaded in the gallery, please share your clicks too in the same drive album. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/72-newbie-drive-pink-rock-13-apr-2018/
  12. Welcome back Noor, and welcome two newbies, looking forward to seeing you all. Sri try to join in evening so that we can have night drive after this newbie fun and break time.
  13. Newbie drive - Pink Rock - 13 Apr 2018

    Good morning all ... Consider me in after long time ... miss you all
  14. @skumar83 Sure, I've sent my and @Faraz Ahmed contact number via pm. Would be helpful if you could please message me your contact details too. Thanks
  15. @Faraz Ahmed and @fa793. Please mention your contact numbers as well in case of any coordination
  16. I am in, subject to a minor work on my car being done by tomorrow.
  17. Time to have an easy relaxed newbie drive from Tawi Nizwa to Pink rock area. It's a perfect drive for newbies or an absolute newbie to learn in best terrain that gradually transforms and offer plenty of opportunities to learn. In the end, you can enjoy the sunset at the picturesque sand dune for the best selfie. When: 13 April 2018 Meeting time: 1400 PM, the convoy will move sharply at 1415 PM Where: Tawi Nizwa Shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/yYkFvPBzW3U2 Level of drive: Newbie - Fewbie - All are welcome Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive, train and enjoy until about 7 PM What to bring along: Loads of snacks, plenty of water - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 7 PM Please RSVP on below calendar
  18. Al Faqa Fewbie Drive - 6 April 2018

    Well written @skumar83 I was about to give my account of the drive but you've mentioned everything. It is wonderful to pass your knowledge on and see someone grow in front of your eyes. For me it is a great pleasure to see @skumar83 grow from strength to strength as he now sucessfully leads drives. More heartening to see him lead with example for newer people like @EmVarlet for him to learn and grow from an absolute newbie to a newbie to now a fewbie+ drivers. I'm sure a few more drives and he will be able to attend any drive with us and soon post drives of his own. Great also to see the @skumar83 can notice the difference in @EmVarlet driving style which has improved immensely. Well done to all and thanks to @Carnity to give us such an opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy our time with like minded people.
  19. Al Faqa Fewbie Drive - 6 April 2018

    It's been a while since I had led a drive so I was kinda anxious as well as excited about the drive. We all met at the deflation point and after a check up of one of the cars we entered into the desert. @Gaurav was my second lead and wherever I made an error he was there correcting the route for the rest of the convoy. We had @EmVarlet who was joining us on his first fewbie drive after driving quite a few newbie drives and boy did he do well!! He was matching everything that was being done from side sloping, ridge cutting, riding the ridge and that to at quite a brisk pace. Was very happy to see how much his driving skills had improved. While the first part of the drive was relatively easy with some medium range dunes, the second part of the drive was a patch of small technical dunes that we had to cross to reach the long range dunes. This area tested everyone with a few refusals and stucks. Rahim Bhai saw the opportunity for some spare time and started teaching Emmanuel the finer art of desert driving. I am sure it was a very valuable session for him. By the time we exited out of this area we all were looking forward to the long range dunes for which Faqa is famous. And once we reached there we could not control our temptations. The dunes were so awesome, that some of us started attacking one range after the other causing a break in convoy. The wise voice of Rahim Bhai brought us back to our senses. By then it was getting dark so we stopped for our evening snack and then we had an exciting good paced exit out of the desert in night conditions fantastically led by Gaurav. Thoroughly enjoyed the pace and smoothness of this part of the drive. Once again an excellent convoy comprising of @shadow79 @sertac with the full support of @Gaurav and @Rahimdad ensured that it was a fun filled drive. Thanks!!
  20. Newbie fewbie drive Maliha 30 March

    Hello again everyone and a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Now down to the trip report. I know waking up early morning is one of the most difficult things to do on a weekend, but for those who made it were treated to an awesome day out. 7 cars met at the Adnoc pump and sharp at 7 am we were moving on to the deflation point. It was nice cool breeze which kept us comfortable even as the sun came out. At the deflation point we had a concise briefing to make everyone aware about the etticacies of driving in the sands and our plans for the day. We had 2 absolute newbies in the group as @BENNY THOMAS and @Ren who adapted well. We started with some easy dunes with little dips and drops which was managed well by both. My backup saw @[email protected] as the man between the 2 newbies, @skumar83 and @Gaurav as my fly sweep. It was fun as we tried different scenarios and it was heartening to see everyone manage so well. We came to a tempting bowl and decided to play for a while as the newbies learned from the experienced to learn a thing or two. After the play time we headed to our breakfast stop which was peaceful, cleaned and a shade that was welcoming. We quickly setup the table and were soon enjoying the many treats that everybody managed. After breakfast we packed up just as quickly as we had laid the table and were headed to our last leg the Fossil Rocks. On the way we had a couple of stucks and the sweep team managed the situations in a quick way. Soon we were all on top of Fossil Rocks and enjoying the amazing view. The real challenge was yet to come, we were going to descent from Fossil Rocks which for first timers instills fear and yet is something everybody should experience. Everyone followed the orders well and we were all down within no time with all smiles as 2 of us accomplished what seemed impossible. It was now time to head out and inflate. Our deepest fear was the front lower lip of Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper, seeing it intact at the end was another sign of relief. As the Sun beat down and made it hot, we headed out, inflated and headed home. Once again thank you to all participants and well done to all. I loved the company of some of the most amazing people and looking forward to many more. Until next time I bid you all farewell.
  21. Al Faqa Fewbie Drive - 6 April 2018

    Brilliant choice for a perfect fewbie level drive with a twist of technical dunes, soft white sands and gazelles
  22. Al Faqa Fewbie Drive - 6 April 2018

    Nice area. I will be there.
  23. Al Faqa Fewbie Drive - 6 April 2018

    I'm in with full support.
  24. With the new group of Newbie Drivers who have been with Carnity Off Road Club over the past few months, the time is right to up the difficulty challenge to a Fewbie level at Al Faqa Desert. This area offers a varied terrain from short to long range dunes with plenty of opportunity for side slopping and ridge cutting. Depending on how the convoy feels the route can be altered a bit along the way. As the evening weather is still quite good, those who wish can stay back for a nice relaxing chat in the desert. When: 6 April 2018 Meeting time: 12:45 PM, convoy will move sharp at 1:00 PM after the Friday prayers Where: Al Faqa mosque https://goo.gl/maps/NWZXyUUD47C2 Level of drive: Fewbie - Expert - Advance - (absolute newbie and newbie as passengers only) Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance Plan: Afternoon drive through the Al Faqa Desert What to bring along: Evening snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, and enthusiasm. Approximate finish time: 7 PM - 8 PM
  25. Newbie fewbie drive Maliha 30 March

    More like next Friday, have a whole week to prepare.
  26. Newbie fewbie drive Maliha 30 March

    @BENNY THOMAS there is newbie drive this friday.