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UAE's Best Offroad Club with friendly, passionate and certified experts

Learn to drive your 4X4 off-road to conquer trails with full confidence.

Challenge yourself safely with 7 unique levels of off road expertise for beginners, intermediate and advance.

Carnity Off-Road Club has been founded by a group of passionate off-roaders who believe in building an off-road community to learn, drive and have fun together. We encourage people to self-drive their 4x4 vehicles by learning the basics first, to enjoy the freedom of exploring various types of off-road terrains that the UAE has to offer.

We are a multicultural off road club that emphasizes on community atmosphere and safety, and we are grateful to share the joy of seeing new members grow into confident off-roaders that carry forward our vision and aim of becoming the best off-road club of the UAE!

We explore deserts, mountains and organize camping trips with like-minded adventurous members. Our senior off-roaders with decades of experience know all the beautiful areas and spots and you will see the UAE from another vantage point!

Learn more - How it works?



  • To self drive your vehicle off-road and learn to push your limits "SAFELY".
  • To get your hands, feet and vehicle little dirty while exploring new places.
  • To meet like-minded multi-cultural people who share the same passion.


  • Introduction to off-roading.
  • Desert driving basics and etiquette.
  • Desert driving tips, techniques, myth and best practices.
  • Off-road and safety gear familiarization and recovery procedures.
  • Vehicle orientation, risk analysis, deflation and outdoor safety advice.


  • Most of the free off-road clubs are backed with car businesses:
    • To influence you to modify your stock vehicle.
    • Promote sponsor products with biased reviews.
    • Encourage you for fast drives to maximize damage.
  • Most of the social off-road clubs aren't safe without expertise:
    • No presence of structure, ranks and drive levels.
    • Limited technical knowledge for extreme recoveries.
    • Results in higher accidents and damage ratio overtime.


  • Carnity and it's off-road club is a "Pay it forward" Community.
  • Whatever you learn from seniors, remember to pass it on to others.
  • Be kind and respectful for other's time, knowledge and culture they share.


  1. Independent - Not supported by any car business
  2. Unbiased - Drive off-road even with a stock 4x4
  3. Transparent - Merit based promotions for all
  4. Welcome any previous off-road experience
  5. Provide clear off-road grading structure
  6. Focus on safety while having fun
  7. Offer extensive off-road training to all
  8. Analyze off-road accidents for learning
  9. Share and preserve drive memories online
  10. More than 34+ nationalities and counting...!

MUST READ: Offroad Club Structure, Levels and Rules

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Offroad Rank: Newbie | Fewbie | Fewbie Plus | Intermediate | Extreme | Support Team | Support Team (EX) | Advisor | Advisor (EX) | Expert | Expert (EX) | Marshal Marshal (EX)Crew

* EX = Extreme Drive Qualified

  1. What's new in this club
  2. @Islam Soliman very sorry, i have to drop out in the last minute. I hope to drive with you soon.
  3. today there was situation in the middle of the desert, Where i could not shift in to a gear. the gear lever was free flowing up and down, where i felt there is no connection between gear lever and gearbox. car was in same gear and it not shift into any other gear. Apparently this is a common issue in many Nissan vehicles such as Xterra, Pathfinder, Titan, Frontier, Etc. the cause of the problem was part called Gear Shift Cable Grommet part number "NI1KIT"
  4. @Frederici have to passed this trip as I just been informed a potential closed contact from the work place. Going for a test in the morning. Really sorry. Hope to join in your next trip.
  5. Thank you Dr @M.Seidam for the great planning and strategy for this epic drive that exposed us to a great sample of terrain, sand, dunes formation and challenges. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Also many thanks to @Rizwanm2 @Pacific for playing the CF and sweeper role. @Ashok chaturvedithanks for being a very informative SL with lots of caution and information to the rest of the convoy. Great fun driving with you guys : @Waqas [email protected] @Davie Chase @Mohamad [email protected] Raj @Gregory @Tareck
  6. Let all WL come and be a large convoy....just being optimistic....love the weather nowadays. @Foxtrot Oscar Angela can do it......👍👍
  7. @Thomas Varghese Good to drive along after longtime...and @Foxtrot Oscarthanks for leading ...weather and your courage made it truly adventurous
  8. @Foxtrot Oscar Thank you for excellent drive yesterday. It was my first drive with you and looking forward for more exciting drives with you. Yesterday it was a totally new experience for me and I never seen the desert like that before. Even though it was a long convoy under extreme conditions everyone performed excellent. Thanks @Thomas Varghese for perfect second lead and @Looper and @Pacific for great support. At the end of the drive the view was amazing and there are some pictures uploaded in the gallery. See you all soon and happy weekend.
  9. @Abdul Basit Khan just curious to know what exactly went wrong with the gear ?
  10. @Gaurav Again it was an amazing expedition and experience. perfect route selection specially for newbie drivers. got a refusal today and receivered within 4 mins. then face a situation with gear issue. with the help of Naser and @Gaurav Bhai the issue resolved.
  11. Excellent drive today, @M.Seidam a perfect combination of all terrains with a lot my favorite technical drives 😁, thank you for planning it perfectly. Thanks @Ashok chaturvedi, @Rizwanm2 and @Pacific for your support.
  12. Hi @Ale Vallecchi as discussed with Fred, will be there tomo, have added myself to the manage tab, hope okay with you.
  13. Hi @Frederic I will miss joining you on this drive as I am travelling to Muscat for work. Catch-up soon on upcoming drives..
  14. Thanks @Hisham Masaadfor leading a great drive today, and thanks to @Ashy and @Paul Zeitoun for supporting. The sand was particularly soft in places, and despite a couple of delays for popouts (which is always a learning experience for us all) we had a great final 45 mins extension to attempt some of the bigger dunes to challenge the cars and drivers! I’ve put a few pics in the gallery which my son took. See you all soon! 🦖
  15. Thanks @Gauravfor today’s drive. It was good fun on some challenging dunes and a scenic location.
  16. Sorry @Harshal, my mistake. You will take position # 10. See you tomorrow.
  17. Convoy Numbering 1. Srikumar - XJ 2. Alfred - Pajero 3. Jessica - Prado 4. Thian - JGC 5. ZulfikharNaiyar - Xterra 6. Dr Tanveer Ahmed - LX570 7. Tareq Al Turq - Prado 8. takeshi sobue - FJ 9. Varun - Wrangler 10. Mahmoud Taha - Xterra 11. Murad Hamed - Wrangler 12. Mark Shepherd - Wrangler 13. Ishraque - Wrangler 14. Pieter Potgieter - Wrangler 15. Eduardo - FJ 16. hugo - FJ We will be using Carnity Channel 2 for tomorrow's drive. See you there at 7:00 AM sharp. Mandatory Off-road Gears for NB dri
  18. @M.Seidamthanks for organising and planning with different terrains,had we had more time in our hands would have continued for an hour or two🙂,rest of support crew @Ashok chaturvedi @Rizwan @Pacific thank you ,rest of the crew drove well and looking forward for more drives with you all,i have shared photos in the gallery enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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