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  1. Icon auto in SZR is good, but slightly pricey. On other hand if you want quality job then they are good. Second option would be Liberty Motor Sports in sharjah subsidiary of chevy dealer, known for good quality offroad mod.
  2. with age the steering may get stiff and the steering assembly may be required to change.
  3. There is a water leak for sure for your windshield washer, otherwise washer water isnt used anywhere. How to find out is the question. Remove the washer bottle by lifting it upwards (usually) go figure out in ur focus. Once bottle is out make it empty and dry and then fill water (outside the car) and test for any minute leak from below. If bottle is clean, then next and only thing to doubt is the washer hose, which tend to get crack as its near the engine heat and start leaking a bit. If thats the case then change those water pipes, its cheap anyways. About coolant, it should never be consu
  4. exhaust leak comes with age, you might have notice now after engine oil change (coincidently) but it was there before. Exhaust leak has no remote connection with engine oil change man.
  5. Well this isnt sounding like an issue, as AC needs lot of engine power to run and produce noise from engine, engine fan and AC fan outside the car. During this course it dissipate heat under the car. These both phenomena are pretty normal and you shouldn't get worried. If AC isnt cooling good inside the car and too much noise inside the car, then you should be worried else don't bother about outside, its normal. enjoy your car.
  6. Go to sharjah scrappy guys on maza signal area or behind al futtaim sharjah. Just few days back my office colleague got one new engine from scrap for 5000 dhs. His was 2006 explorer.
  7. somehow i havent faced such problem i get the service history i had a toyota previously and never had such issues.
  8. Vibration at certain speed has nothing to do with alignment. Its purely wheel balancing issue. Get the wheel balancing done and it will be fine.
  9. Get the engine tune up done, it seems low level revs need to be tuned as starting vibration is mainly due to that. If you have vibration for first second or two and then its fine, then it could be engine mounting is worn off. Get it changed.
  10. Your images isnt loading dude. I always vote for Explorer and save 1/4 of cost. Prado are overprice japanese junk machine.
  11. Icon auto on SZR sells nice wheels and tire. Ramy in deira sell nice wheels too (not tires).
  12. around 1500 to 2500 for a new one but you can try in the scrap yard in sharjah u may get it for lesser
  13. if u open the hood you can access the bulb, just unscrew it and replace it.
  14. Thanks oussamaf for sharing such a valuable info. Cheers mate, you save many from these losers.
  15. In general it has to be decided according to where the steering wheel is located. If the steering is on left then the plug is on left and visa versa.
  16. first and foremost check the coolant level and thermostat. Let me know what you found
  17. remove the CD player and remove the upper cover and then u can remove the CD.
  18. check the coolant, it must be be milky. must be leaking in the radiator.
  19. It is one of the most critical to change the spark plugs after every 90,000 to 100,000.KM
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