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  1. Time Left: 26 days and 4 hours

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    This is full option GCC model with wooden panel inside. V6 6 Cylinder. 3.0L Car needs full interior/exterior detailing thoroughly and will be like new perfect to use as daily driver. as car has been without window in my building parking so dirty much. Car might require tire change depending on how you wish to use as daily driver or only in the desert. Car window motors require adjustment as windows don't pull up fully. Window Motors are fine. just need fixing by electrician. Everything else works fine. Selling quickly.. Car needs to be towed away as number plate is removed but i have possession certificate. Passing or fixing anything in the car is on the buyer. Transfer charges on the buyer. Rare to find model. i might be open to the idea of renting it out also. contact for details.

    7,500.00 AED

  2. saqibkhan

    New girl in Dubai need Car advice

    Nat. Call Lucky on 0528238889 he will assist u in deciding which car to expert. plus arrange car for u. plus arrange car loan for u and do all the registration process etc.. Discuss with him.