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  1. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher I did not receive the notification for this drive and post, I checked my settings and all are ok, anyway I am confirmed and will see you there but would like to inform you that I have a 4 door wrangle and not a 2 door.
  2. @Wrangeldit seems i will not be able to join, sorry about that and see you soon
  3. Better upload the video to Youtube and then share the link (embed it)
  4. Good morning everyone, thank you @Kailasfor the amazing drive and thank you @Chaitanya D and @Rob H for the support @Thomas Varghese @Fabien Monleau @Gok Krish @Wade Pat2 @Farouq Owdeh Enjoy the videos
  5. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi , highly appreciate accommodating me in the last minute, the trip with @Yousef Alimadadi, was amazing, thank you Yousef. @[email protected] de [email protected] Saxena @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil @Tero Vallas @Kalahari @[email protected] [email protected]@Vanessa8580 Enjoy the video
  6. hi @marks please add me to the waitlist, first drive for this weekend
  7. Hi @Nabil Bisharaapologies for the last minute but it seems i will not be able to join, sorry about that. Looking forward driving with you soon.
  8. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I have the 4in1 system with digital gauge, I use it for both inflation and deflation, it’s pretty quick with deflation and you can make sure all tires are on the same pressure. I have the portable ARB twin compressor with tank, it’s really quick, I usually take the flag off, cover the lights, turn off kill switch and all 4 wheels are on 36 PSI already. I did not go with the mounted one because I use it with 2 cars and I also use it when cleaning the cars using a portable (external rechargeable battery).
  9. @Hisham Masaadoh me too please, thank you dear.
  10. Thank you @Chaitanya D for the nice drive, the timing was perfect getting the best out of both daylight and almost full moon light, I wish if the trip was a bit longer. @Gaurav Soni @Karthikeyan Govindarajan @Darren Brooke @Gregory @Sunil Mathew @Zed @Wade [email protected] Raj @Thomas Varghese @M.Seidam @Craig Finlayson @Hisham Masaad @Tbone Enjoy the video And here is a bounce video for the recoveries and refusals even though there were not many
  11. I am sure this change is for our safety and i am sure the levels which require more drives will be more fun, @Gaurav i hope with this change we will have more Fewbie drives and we will be able to go to new areas
  12. Hi @Ale Vallecchi unfortunately i will not be able to join, feel free to remove me and add someone else.
  13. [email protected] the amazing drive, the track was excellent. Thank you @Yousef Alimadadi for your support, i enjoyed listening to your engine and sorry about the light😊 @varunmehndiratta @Danish Mohammad @JeromeFJ @Stav @Abdul Rahman AK Enjoy watching
  14. Hi @Kailas any possibility for the event to start 30 minutes late? so 8: 30 or maybe 9:00? Iftar is at 7 PM and we will not have enough time to reach the starting point on time.
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