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  1. sertac

    What went wrong?

    Flying only good for planes.
  2. sertac

    Ford Mustang - Five generations

    It is nice to know someone have the same taste For me also same long ago i was hating fox bodies. For sometime i see how beautiful they are. It is almost impossible to find one here.
  3. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  4. I have a wedding guys. Have fun
  5. sertac

    Used Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

    I am driving 2011 Limited V8. It is the most comfortable car i have ever driven. After my cherokee, when i drive this one i feel like i am sitting top of the cloud. Performance is very good for 2.3ton really heavy Jeep. Sound of 5.7 Hemi amazing. For fuel consumption i got min 12.3l/100km when i am driving 135km steady speed to Abu Dhabi. In Dubai generally around 14.5-15.5l/100km. For service cost it depends where are you doing the service. But Trading Enterprises were giving good price for oil change, ask them. Since it is new car parts are available, no issue. We got ours in 59.000km now it is 99.000km only issue we had was auto trunk door.
  6. sertac

    2014 Ram 1500 SLT - Owner's Review

    i already like this one; But i need time for this kind of purchase. I am in the middle of getting married process. I couldnt even getting daily. I need to arrange myself as money wise and time wise. I dont have any time for anything, last 10 days i couldnt find time to go to Al Tayer for arranging things for Focus. Life is hard 😅
  7. sertac

    2014 Ram 1500 SLT - Owner's Review

    Most probably i will get ford focus 2016 around 20.000km with service contract till 60.000km and warranty till 100.000km/2021. It has 1.6 turbo engine 150hp and 6 speed proper auto gearbox. Al Tayer askin 38.000 for a car like that.