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  1. sertac

    Budget leasing for daily commute

    Try to get Mitsubishi Lancer. It is cheaper than Corolla. 3 of my friends have it and all happy with it. Very basic car with 1.6 liter engine and 4 speed auto gearbox.
  2. sertac

    This is how we off-road in Mexico

    I love dirt everyday. These youtube channels making me thinking to find a way to move America. Oh God they are buying cars so cheap and finding parts very easily.
  3. My car was had one. I wish i hadnt. I dont like the looks it messes the simetry. But if you have one you cant remove because some pretty genius person already cut the fender for that. But the logic in here not for water passes. For getting cleaner air from top. Sometimes when you are driving close there are many sand and dust coming from front car.
  4. sertac

    Display Your Country Flag

    Cool feature
  5. Last year total 1600aed fine i got.
  6. sertac

    The hatchback appreciation society

    Some people bring from USA. There are few samples here. I saw one myself.
  7. Is there any manuel Cherokee for sale?
  8. I would like to try 1200hp Turbo Patrol there.
  9. sertac

    BMW x5 ac surprise

    Dont change the compressor until it get fully break.
  10. In my job time to time i needed to meet with some important local guys. Since i am a car guy i am very interested with what kind of car these guys driving. Some of them have patrol, cruiser and raptor. But what is common for them is fully dark tinted windows even front. Thats looking amazing to me. Black Cruiser with full black window, black rims and 3 digit plate. Thats so damn cool to me. My old Jeep was fully dark tinted except front and i had no issue with police. If i make dark tint for windshield am i get any trouble? If there is is there anyone knows what is the fine for that? example;
  11. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

    Is there anyone knows good clean manuel Cherokee for sale?