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  1. sertac

    The New Suzuki Jimny 2019

    In Turkey these jimny very famous. It is gong everywhere a cherokee can go. But in sand i dont know. I really want to try myself. These cars in Turkey all stock engine.
  2. sertac

    The New Suzuki Jimny 2019

    I hope this time it will have something more powerful. I really want to buy one.
  3. sertac

    Guess the car

    That curve of bonnet. Thats a Fiat Tipo.
  4. sertac

    Cherokee XJ Immobilizer problem

    I will sell it but i am thinking it will be hard to sell a Jeep in summer.
  5. sertac

    Cherokee XJ Immobilizer problem

    This morning i got check engine light on. No other light only check engine.
  6. sertac

    Cherokee XJ Immobilizer problem

    Hi Barry seems like problem was bad spark plugs and the part top of it. As we saw yesterday my engine mountings are cracked when i am hitting the dunes like Faya engine is moving and this part top of the sparks(Saleem will give the name of the part) is moving and creating problems. That is Saleem`s theory and it worked. But It can explain why car didnt start on the other hand yesterday i was driving my car on the road when this problem happened i didint feel any trouble from engine. We will see in time is it going to happen again or no.
  7. I think i have problem with my immobilizer. Today when i am driving to the work, key light and check engine light came on. Also gauges stop working, no bus is typing instead of millage. I come to the office and lock the car. Now my car is starting but after 1 sec engine automatically shutting off.only key light is on. Is there anyone know what to do? Already tried removing the battery.
  8. sertac

    Engine Gasket

    Seems like your car is ok. Only if you flush all your coolant and change it will be better.
  9. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  10. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  11. sertac

    Pajero engine failure

    I hope Pajero will be come back soon.
  12. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  13. There is nothing to get excited about any Camry.