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  1. Engine Oil Change

    5W40 oil for patrol and filter and changing for 170AED really nice price.
  2. Engine Oil Change

    Most probably i will do it myself. I know how to do it but i just need to get some tools. Today i may go to ACE to get something. For removing oil filter should i get the belt(the one for oil filter) or the belt i am using for my pant is enough to remove it(i think it should be enough logically same thing)
  3. Engine Oil Change

    For my high milage old tech car i am using 20w50 which shouldnt be more than 120aed. By the way normally it should be 10w30 mineral oil, how logical to use 20w50?
  4. Engine Oil Change

    Normally going Ajman and change it better option for me. But for only oil change it is too much traffic. Today i got oil filter and asked 2 place for only oil and labour one said 400 other said 350 i was like give me 400 i will happily change your oil seems like eiter i will get the tools and change my self or will go to Ajman.
  5. Engine Oil Change

    Hi Gaurav how much you are paying to changing oil in these places? I know total amount depends to how many liter oil and oil type but is there any specific price for labour?
  6. Like everything this place coming with pros and cons. Pros; -I feel like shop is mine and i can do whatever i want. I can get the tools and work on my car, when i need i can ask help from them. -Prices are good. When you compare with the garages in Dubai prices are good. I dont know many garage there was one Turkish mechanic in Al Qouz when i compare with him this place is good. -Everything coming with options you can get your part and ask them to fix it or you can ask from them to get the part for you. Parts can be original, dublicate or second hand as you wish and as you can effort. -Quick work. Generally they are solving my problems in few hours. -Jaleel(i dont know how to type his name corretly) This guy is awesome. If something need to be done he will do it. He wont wait you to say make this tight or clean this. He will find himself and do it. Cons; -AC work. For my car as i remember 5 times i went there and 3-4 time i left my car there for days. After spending around 5000AED my AC still not good. I need to use it full power to get some chill. When it is hot even with full power it is not giving any comfort. After all time there is one box or something need to be change because it is not seal enough and right now it is not available in scrap. In this time first we changed my compressor with second hand one and it start leaking after one month and it ended up for me to get new compressor. Then there was one part inside the dashboard. We change that part with brand new dublicate and after one month it leaked again and recently we changed again. But they are not take labour fee anymore to fix it. So am i recommend them you need to find a good time. If the shop empty and your car is the only work then you are lucky. If shop is crowded if you can wait, wait for a better time. Generally they are good enough.
  7. Annoying forum "feature"

    I am also getting annoyed from that problem. Even when i am writing this it happened.
  8. Nice to see @Asif Hussain is in Also nice to see @NOOR OMAR will be with us this week again. For sure i will be there.
  9. If i was you i would remove 20w50 oil from that mercedes right now. It is too thick and old tech oil for that car. And as i know if you make the car get used to the thick oil you may have problem later.
  10. Who's your favorite racing driver?

    Ayrton Senna I am shocked no one mention yet.
  11. Hot Hatch Saga

    There is actually some people using hot hatch here. Focus ST group is pretty impresive.Other than that also i can say there are many Golf GTI and Golf R around the town. But when you compare with other type of car communities they are not much.