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  1. We do have few members in Carnity driving Ford Broncos in the desert, but I have not seen anyone in FB+ or Intermediate level in our club. In the desert driving socials as well - I have hardly seen any broncos. Nor in my many outings have I seen anyone going bonkers with their broncos. We have guys buying brand new Jeep Rubicons and 392s and bring them to drive in intermediate drives!!! Am I looking at the wrong direction or getting wrong & biased inference from socials or is there a lack of interest from hardcore off-roaders? What say you?
  2. Starting April, Abu Dhabi will be implementing a minimum speed of 120kmph on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road — and from May 1, violators will be fined Dh400, police said on Thursday. Officials of the Abu Dhabi Police explained that the maximum speed on this major highway will be 140kmph, and the minimum speed of 120kmph shall apply on the first and second lanes from the left. Slower vehicles will be allowed to take the third lane, where no minimum speed is specified. The police stressed that heavy vehicles — which should use the last lane of the road — will not be covered by the minimum speed rule. Source: KT via Reditt
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