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  1. Check the indicator relay and fuse and then indicator bulb itself, depending on complexity and cost i'm suggesting.
  2. thermostat is a part of the car that may go bad. its common that its gone bad what i think is that get it changed.
  3. its not possible to clean the converter it has to be replaced with the O2 sensors.
  4. when going in incline the car needs more torque the low gear's of your car may not be working get them checked.
  5. after market are permitted if you but a good quality original ones not the duplicated.
  6. Car is not moving at all then dont force your car to move this can either be very minor to major only a mechanic can say as inspection is required. take the car in a recovery and get it checked.
  7. if the warning sign is dim that means the battery is dieing and plus there is something called diagnostic check get that done which will give u a code what is the car fault. this way you will know what exactly is wrong with the car.
  8. Please get the break fluid checked as Dubai Traffic is not safe taking any break problems.
  9. the motor works and dosent work at times. what can be the reason for this to happen?
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