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  1. @Barry.. Nope. I do not have your number. Could you please on the number and location.
  2. @teajay Thanks a lot for the contact. I will ring him up soon and keep you posted.
  3. @Barry.... would like to catch up or discuss further if you dont mind. Your profile says MECHANIC. Do you work on cars now or left for good ?
  4. @Barry : You worked on Mk1 and Mk2 ? That’s impressive. Glad to know there is someone around who knows a thing or two about MX5. And I do agree that people are caught up in the engine capacity here. I have a NC (not sure whether its NC2 or NC3). And I have been thinking about working on mine ….more to do with the aesthetics coz mechanically the car is perfect. But when it gets too difficult to get things done (with hardly anything available here…..and the exorbitant shipping charges) sometimes I just feel like selling off my car. Coz over here....its a world of Toyotas and Nissans....
  5. Hello Everyone, Like many others in the forum, I am tired of Galadari dealership and been hunting for an alternative. I found myself an alternative, which apparently turned out expensive and extremely poor in terms of customer service. I own an MX5 and recently purchased a 07 Mazda 6. Its done 22000 kms already. The car is neat from the inside and mechanically has a few niggles which I want to rectify before I get to work on the exterior. However, since its a old car, I dont want to break the bank to get the job done. I want an overall re-do. Am looking for a good mechanic (possibly in Abudhabi) and reasonably priced body kits, alloys, etc etc . Any suggestions would be welcome.