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  1. Rather than looking for special offers I would recommend finding a good mechanic in a small garage who gives good prices all year round and stick with them. When you work with a good garage, you build up a level of trust that just can't be found at a dealership. There are a few mechanics who post on carnity and I'm sure any of them would give you a good price and be happy to have you as a year round customer.
  2. @Jaan Rambo sorry for off topic but is this yours?
  3. You could always do the old fashioned thing, you know, look over your shoulder before you change lanes.
  4. I used to drive 18 wheel trucks to earn extra cash when mechanic work wasn't available and the blind spots are even worse. I know the blind spots are there so drive accordingly. However, a lot of car drivers and especially motorcyclists drive close beside you and don't realize and it's very easy for them to get crushed and killed if you change lanes or swerve. The best thing to remember is if that you look at a trucks mirror and can't see the drivers eyes, them he can't see you either and you shouldn't be on that part of the road.
  5. Post your social media accounts so we can all follow each other im on instagram barrymcnicholl1983
  6. If the vehicle has never been in an accident, 99.9% it's not a chassis problem. The UJs are easily tested. Move the steering from left to right without turning the wheels, just feel the play in it and have an assistant watch to see if they're loose.
  7. Does anyone have a trusted Xbox repairer in Dubai? 360 slim model. Switches on, fan runs full speed for a few seconds then stop and red dot lights. Ive tried looking at YouTube repair videos but got no decent information. Have only established the x clamp is tight. Took it to al ittar, they kept it for 3 days then admitted they didn't know anything and gave it back. Help appreciated.
  8. Like @Rahimdad says, we need to see it. There could be any number of causes. Toyotas are usually pretty reliable. Racks can leak but they rarely fail. If you have had a failure twice in a row, it might be bad luck with bad parts but you should investigate further before throwing another rack at it. Are the steering UJs (universal joints) good? Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? Are the chassis and sub frames straight? Was it properly aligned after fitment? And by properly aligned I mean on an alignment table using lasers, not using the string method. Your mechanic is right about getting it repaired at a local machine shop. Those guys will rebush and reseal it. It might even be stronger than an original rack. When my customers ask me, I always recommend repairing over buying second hand. When you buy second hand you might be buying someone else's problem. When you repair you know for sure what you have. Assuming the repairer is competent. If it was my car, I would email Toyota directly in Japan and explain the issue and see if a manufacturing fault is a possibility.
  9. Here are the details of a scam that takes place in U.K. And Ireland and is currently on the increase. Someone is selling their car and advertises it. Someone comes to look at the car. There is always more than one person. While the first potential customer chats to the seller and distracts him, one of the customers friends will open the header tank and pour oil inside. The customer walks to the car with the seller and pretends to inspect it. During inspection he will open the header tank and 'find' oil inside. He will then proceed to tell the seller that the head gasket is blown and try to buy the car for half of what it's worth citing repair costs. Now, I doubt this would happen much in UAE. The majority of people are too lazy. But I'm interested to hear of any other potential car related scams that may or may not go on, wherever in the world.
  10. I always use gulf stars in Sharjah for new Range Rover stuff. They're cheap, reliable, have genuine parts and they deliver to Dubai in 3 hours. The second hand parts are starting to make their way onto the market now, I've bought cams before but it's not too long ago that if you needed an engine you have to ship it from Saudi and pay 35-40k for it. Stuff like water pumps etc I would never buy second hand because of the effort to fit it and if it fails in a couple of months you have to strip everything and do it again.
  11. 180 for a water pump isn't bad but that's for a L322. Try pricing one for the new model. I could buy 2 full Tiida engines for the price of one Range Rover water pump. I agree with Mr Dallas that most of the high end stuff are just status symbols. How else can you explain a 1 million dirham 4x4 like the Bentayga that can't even climb a sand dune.
  12. Too often I see people with a car that overheats. They just keep driving and think they can put water in when they get home and it will be ok. Below you can see the consequences. The first picture shows the coolant leaking from between the block and cylinder head. The leak is spread the full way around which is never a good sign and indicates major distortion. The second picture shows to an extent the damage inside the block. The cylinder walls are in my opinion beyond repair, no amount of honing can save them. The bottom of the bores are too badly scored. I measured 7-8 thou of distortion in the block and never even bothered measuring the head because experience tells me it's all scrap and a replacement engine is the only viable solution.
  13. If the insides of the tyre are wearing so quickly it's possible you have a suspension issue. I recommend you go to a decent garage and have all your bushings checked and a proper 4 wheel 3D alignment which includes checking camber, castor and toe. A lot of garages here only check toe on the front wheels so it's important that all 3 dimensions are checked on both front and rear wheels and remember if the rear wheels are out, it also affects the front wheels.
  14. Be a man @DiamondDallas join us. You have a unique manual ralliart Pajero with an engine built by the best engine builder in Dubai. Not everyone can say they have a 3.7 Pajero! King of the desert trophy is yours for the taking. 😜
  15. RE: @Gaurav post, a point I would like to bring up is cost vs reliability. Ive never worked on a cayenne properly. This biggest job I've ever done on one is fitting rim protectors and a diagnostic report. I know a few people who have owned them but none of them have ever let me drive. Maybe they're scared of my driving style lol but the fact I've never seen one in for proper work might say they're reliable. Maybe. I don't know. I have owned a Range Rover though, a P38 and I've worked on many from the classic to the latest model. All had major faults and not cheap fixes either. But I'm a mechanic, I usually only see cars when they're broken but I've noticed range rovers have a particularly high failure rate. Also the Mercedes ML, they seem to be plagued by electrical faults. Particularly the 350. It's not too long ago I lost half a day trying to diagnose a misfire on one and spent 3 hours monitoring coil voltages trying to find out what was wrong. But anyway, I digress, I think the more you spend on a car, the less reliable it will be. Look at cars like sunnys or yaris (yarii?) they just need oil changes and they run forever. A Maserati Quattroporte I looked at stopped shifting gears because they hadn't strapped the relays in the boot down properly. Dealer wanted 5k to repair!