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  1. Believe it or not, this car actually had an oil change every 10k and there was 70k total miles on the car. The oil the previous garage was using was just shitty. This particular company has over 300 cars and I've just started taking care of them all a couple of months ago. I've come across 5-6 like this and I'm expecting more. I could quite happily estimate that 20% of my time is spent fixing other people's mistakes.
  2. Here is a little lesson in oil,
  3. I recently had a car in with a few oil leaks in the engine so I started stripping down a few things to see what I could fix and this is what I came across inside the engine. This is the result of using cheap nasty oil. My advice as always, good oil only costs 20 Dhs more. Use it. If you think what you see on the outer parts of the engine looks bad, just imagine how the insides must look. The oil won't be flowing properly and all sorts of damage will be occurring.
  4. Hoops fan? My mates mum had a 987 back at home and didn't have a lot of trouble with it other than a relay for the roof. Even overheated it and ran the engine out of oil and it was still ok. You should google IMS bearing failure. I've seen a few people chatting about it on Porsche forums but I have to admit I'm not too clued up on it.
  5. The turbo diesel pajero has a top mounted intercooler. The bonnet scoop on it feeds cold air to the intercooler. Adding a random bonnet scoop to a car where there is no intercooler beneath won't help.
  6. Aluminium is cheap and light. That's why manufacturers use it. Copper is too expensive but it has better heat dispersing qualities. Check your periodic table.
  7. If you need any help give me a call 0521742967. I have all tools to do the job if you need to borrow any. Also have a copy of the dealer diagnostic software if you want to come to al quoz and have a play with it and compare it to your own software.
  8. Take the spark plug out and look at the end of it. If it's ok then you need to look at the coil. A weak coil will cause misfire under load. To check the coil, reset the codes, swap the coil over with one from a different cylinder, drive the car and scan the codes again. If the misfire code has moved to a different cylinder then you've found the problem. If not then you need to start checking out the wiring and signals from the ecu.
  9. Technically, it's not really a Camry. There are no Camry parts on it. It's a standard NASCAR chassis but it does have TRD engine.
  10. When it's a NASCAR Camry !
  11. Eric the car guy on YouTube is pretty good. If you need to know how to do a job on a specific car and type it into YouTube and the chances are that someone has already done it and made a video of it. I sometimes watch videos on YouTube when I'm sitting at home bored. It's good to see other technicians views on things sometimes.
  12. The Lancer is pretty meh and not a car I would have ever taken notice of if it wasn't for the evo rally cars. Tommi makkinen was the guy who brought it to my attention.
  13. Because you're dragging extra weight and an unaerodynamic mass behind it, the engine has to work harder therefore produces more heat. Has this happened before or have you just started towing the trailer?
  14. I'm 33, I've owned probably over 100 cars, I can't count them all, and I've never bought a new car. Never will either. Hundreds of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that as soon as it drives out of the showroom the value drops and if you don't like it and want to flip it and get something else, a huge chunk of your cash is gone. Another is that when you're buying second hand you can get a lot of bang for your buck. 300 bhp, rwd and limited slip differential for under 10k. How much would it cost to buy a new car you can have that much fun in? I could probably buy 5 fun cars for the price of a new tiida. Another reason is that if you put a ding in a second hand car it doesn't matter. If you put a ding in a new car you'll probably cry. I might add more reasons later.
  15. Yes I am a mechanic and lm still working. I believe you have my number so feel free to call or drop by the shop any time for a coffee.