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  1. If storage is an issue for long handled shovels, cut the shaft in half and find a piece of pipe that goes over it. Put it all together and drill 2 holes through the pipe and shaft and put 2 bolts with wingnuts in them. Now you have something you can store in half the space.
  2. I can't even begin to imagine how painful that was getting extracted from the car. Legs flopping and the bones moving and poking around inside 😖
  3. I hate anyone putting their dirty stinky feet on my nice clean dashboard. Here’s what happens when you have your feet on the dashboard in a crash.
  4. A driver in Germany has been convicted of using a restricted electronic device while driving after having a crash. The car is question was a Tesla Model 3. It was raining and the driver was adjusting the speed of the intermittent wipers which can only been done through the touch screen. With so many cars having HVAC systems, radios and many other things controlled through the new wave of touch screens, is it only a matter of time before somebody can be convicted for adjusting the AC or heating whilst driving? Will manufacturers go back to old school buttons and knobs? Mazda are currently trying to move away from touch screens for safety reasons. In the latest models, the touch screen locks when the vehicle is moving. Personally, I'm not a fan of touch screens as it means you have to take your eyes off the road whilst driving, whereas if you have buttons and knobs, you can simply reach down and feel for it without taking your eyes off the road. With touch screens, you don't develop muscle memory for the controls because there is no tactile feedback so you always have to look what you are doing. https://loudlabs.media/techlabs/german-tesla-driver-has-been-convicted-of-adjusting-wipers-via-touchscreen/
  5. Even when you click on car forum feed, out of the 25 topics on the page, there is only one about a car. The other 24 are still 4x4 related. It’s got a bit boring with the constant barrage of 4x4 threads if I’m being honest, especially when there are countless other forums in competition with interesting car related content. It’s hard to find reasons to spend time on carnity unless off-roading is your thing.
  6. Eid Mubarak. Allah Kareem.
  7. Things aren’t looking good in the Mitsubishi camp right now. They have also paused the release of any new models in Europe indefinitely. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/updated-mitsubishi-freezes-introduction-new-models-europe
  8. I had a look at a 6g74 today and it is possible with 2 custom pulleys, and 2 new belts. The water pump is a 2 belt pulley so you need to make the bit that runs off the crankshaft to be smaller to make the fan spin faster and the bit that runs the steering needs to be bigger to compensate for the extra speed. You will also need a bigger alternator pulley as it also runs from the water pump pulley. AC compressor is fine as it runs on a separate belt and doesn’t route via the water pump. So totally doable if you could be bothered do some math and get a couple of custom pulleys made. Personally, I’d ditch the viscous fan and go electric and free up a few valuable horsepower. If you’re worried about the electric fan failing, you could always go for a dual fan system so even if one breaks you still have that airflow. Electric also gives you the advantage that it can be thermostatically controlled for everyday driving with the option of a switch for constant operation when you’re sending it.
  9. We do a lot of Hummer repairs. H2, H3 mainly. H1 are a pain in the ass to get parts for.
  10. You can fit a smaller pulley and shorter belt if you want to make it spin faster. Done it with superchargers before to get more power. There are custom pulley makers who can do it or anyone who has a lathe should be able to machine one from a piece of billet. Could maybe even do some good old fashioned jugad and find something in scrap and drill it out to fit. Bear in mind that it’s connected to your water pump so you don’t want to go too crazy with a mega tiny one but I don’t see the harm in going a little bit smaller. If you could be bothered, the maths behind it would be pretty easy to work out in relation to pulley size and rotational speed.
  11. Indeed. I don’t believe in killing something unless you’re going to eat it. Chasing it for fun is even worse. It’s tantamount to torture. Even then it should be killed humanely as possible. Even cockroaches I try to catch and put it outside. But, some people aren’t capable of empathy. It’s sad but that’s the way the world is.
  12. Nope I didn’t touch it but I would love to know the diagnostic process they followed to come to the conclusion that the PCM is faulty. Not saying it isn’t faulty but I would be even more interested to hear how this happened from a simple radiator change. My guess is that somehow or other the mechanic managed to short something out. Maybe working on the car with the ignition turned on and touched a metal tool somewhere it wasn’t supposed to touch. Who knows, it’s just speculation. @syed salman raza Any chance you could post a copy of the diagnostic report for us to analyse? Mechanic should have given you one. @Frederic that’s a good topic to discuss. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions from a lot of different welders on it. Some say it’s ok, some say you will fry the battery, some say even if you disconnect both battery terminals the PCM is still connected to the frame by a metal bolt so it will still get spiked. I’ve been working on cars for many years but I don’t like to make experiments with other peoples cars so I can’t answer to these different situations. One welder friend told me once to leave the battery connected and put a protection device on the battery terminals. I bought one and I’ve always done that and never had any issues welding on a car. But who knows, welding isn’t one of my strong points.
  13. I get nervous just watching those videos. I don’t know how you guys do it every weekend, it scares the crap outta me. Horses for courses I guess.
  14. We have something like this in Ireland called hare coursing. Release the hare then the dog chases it. The aim is for the dog to get in front of the hare and turn it in the opposite direction before the end of the field rather than catch it. Hares are endangered so it was outlawed a while back but there are still some people who do it using hares or rabbits or whatever they can snare, the same kind of people who still do cock fighting. They mostly use Irish Lurcher dogs. They’re like a cold weather version of Salukis. Same temperament, similar shape but a bit beefier and a bit hairier.
  15. WD40 won’t help. My guess is that they have been over tightened and the threads have been stretched. What I would do is use a drift and give them a few hard smacks with a hammer before loosening. Sounds counterintuitive but sometimes with stuck nuts, it can help to tighten them a tiny bit more before loosening. The other option is acetylene but you are going to damage the finish on your wheels. Wheel studs don’t actually need to be as tight as most people think. Recommended tightening torque for FJ is only 112Nm. It’s worth investing in a cheap 1/2” torque wrench or a set of torque sticks and giving them a check every so often.
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