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  1. It does happen. I’ve seen it a few times but it’s not an every day thing. My car went on fire because of a faulty ignition switch. Shorted out, dropped some hot plastic on the floor and the whole thing burnt. I’ve seen other cars burn because of small oil and fuel leaks. Little bit drops on a hot part of the engine, smoulders and ignites. It doesn’t take much to start a fire.
  2. Thanks Sri. What is TC number?
  3. Does anyone know the process of registering a trailer in uae? What documents etc are required? Or where I can find information? Airstream type caravan trailer.
  4. IMO it’s only news because it’s a Tesla and Tesla is one of the big buzzwords at the minute. I had a Volkswagen that spontaneously burnt itself to the ground because of an electrical fault but that wasn’t on the news.
  5. Did the mechanic fill the lifters with oil before starting the engine? Try taking the car for a good run, keep the RPM at 3-4K for 10-15 minutes. You should hear any rattly lifters disappear one by one.
  6. Especially older stuff like body on frame cars. Some of the stuff I build for clients I would never drive any further than a test drive round al quoz but hey, you pays your money you gets what you want. Fibreglass model t’s with no roll bars and stuff, not even seatbelts, super sexy, much wow, times like these “Insha’Allah” really comes into play.
  7. Heat stroke is not cool. Last time it happened to me I ended up in bed for a week and I couldn’t move. It feels like flu but worse. Water isn’t always enough if you’re sweating so much. Pocari sweat or another isotonic drink is a better option sometimes.
  8. For future reference, I wouldn’t recommend resetting a steering angle sensor fault code without carrying out the calibration procedure first. Realigning the steering is only part of the job, the system needs to be recalibrated afterwards. It might be as simple as driving in a circle one way then driving in a circle the other way, all cars are different but the diagnostic tool guides you through the process. SAS has an input on a lot of other systems and you could find your ABS or traction control or something else doesn’t work properly when you need it to.
  9. Looks like a good action movie but it’s not a true F&F movie. Where’s all the cars? What happened to the street races with the cars shifting up through 16 gears? It looks like mission impossible without Tom cruise.
  10. Sorry that’s a question I can’t answer. If I was in my home country I could recommend a place but here, I do all my own work in house with my team. I only work on classics now and do restoration jobs. My labour charges are a lot higher that most garages. This is a question for another member.
  11. If a pump is reconditioned and repaired properly, it should be as good as a new pump. It all depends on who is doing the work and how professional they are. Many places will take your old pump as a core unit and hand you a “new” reconditioned unit. New, original is always good but it’s expensive but at least you know it’s new. Don’t write off aftermarket parts, research the manufacturer. Sure there’s a lot of cheap crap out there, but some of the aftermarket parts manufacturers make parts for the car manufacturer and just stick a stamp on it. Like ferodo, gates, valeo, small names but original parts without the original price. Second hand parts can be good but you need to do your research and know what you’re looking for. You know they’re genuine parts from the manufacturer but remember they’re old. They will probably fail when they reach the same usage level as your own part.
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