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  1. Obviously carburetor fm would be the first choice but it's not always possible here with the modern cars. Radio Mirchi sneaks in a close second 😉 Im loving Radio 2 on 99.3, all classic hits. No Justin Bieber or Beyoncé or any of that stuff. If there's a connection I'll stick the iPod in and listen to some NWOTHM but that's not always possible for a connection. So what do you listen to when you're in the car? If anyone says the Kris Fade show please be aware it's a lifetime ban according to Carnity rules.
  2. "The driver suffered minor injuries. However, there was a large diesel spill from the vehicles, which is why the road has been closed for a long period of time." Damn those diesel supercars 😂
  3. Let's show some love for the ladies in Motorsport. Heres Michelle Mouton racing group B in the SWB S1 Audi Quattro. Listen to that glorious noise! I think it's sad she retired when group B got banned. Fantastic pilot.
  4. Barry

    Peugeot E-legend

    Ok ok, its only a concept at the minute but I love the retro futuristic styling based on the 504 coupe. What you really want to know is that it has 456 BHP and 590 lb/ft of torque. This is the car that would make me want to go electric.
  5. There's a little bit more to lotus than Corolla engines. The current Evora comes with a choice of 2 2GR-FE engines, that's the 3.5 V6, with a choice of NA or supercharged. Lotus were never about the engines but more about chassis and handling although they did build some nice engines like in the old Lotus Fords. They might not be the fastest in a straight line but they will corner like a race car. Lotus are a cool company with a lot of history. Check out the 7 2 seater. Started production in 1957, still being produced by Caterham today. Im excited to see more Lotus cars on the road. They have a new workshop opening in Al Quoz too. Im going in there in a few months to do a project. Can't say much about it at the minute but when it's finished I'll post about it. I don't think Lotus will affect other car manufacturers sales too much as it's a specialized market aimed at the gentleman hooligan. The only real competition here is aging S2000 imports.
  6. Barry

    Cars you've never seen before

    I love Trabis. There used to be an old German guy who lived near me who had a few. Made from a mix of plastic and cardboard.
  7. Barry

    Dubai Based Careem Quits Turkey Market

    Public transport in my place is awful. There is one bus out in the morning and one in at night. If you don’t have a car you have to rely on overpriced taxis. Alcohol isn’t a good analogy either. A bottle of vodka is 20dhs (£4) from the bootleggers in al Quoz. You will be doing well if you can find a bottle for under £15 (75 dhs) in my place. Alcohol is way cheaper here.
  8. Post some cars you think we haven't seen before. If some of us have seen it then no harm done, but it's always good to see oddballs. Number 1, the eagle talon awd ,
  9. Barry

    Dubai Based Careem Quits Turkey Market

    Taxis here are cheap. Try taking a taxi in Europe. I have seen me paying £15 (75 dhs) to get home from the pub a mile away (1.6 km).
  10. It's not rapid accident response teams that's needed, it's more patrols to catch people on their phones and people switching lanes with no indicators. Kill the cause, not treat the symptom. Would also be nice to see anyone with an unbuckled child in the car banned from driving for 12 months.
  11. The first job offer I had when I left school was designing cars for BMW. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I don't. Doing the same thing every day would be boring as hell. There are some jobs a robot can do better than any human such as welding body shells and painting. There are also jobs humans are better at such as creating bespoke parts for high end cars like Bentley and rolls Royce. I believe the future lies in being able to build and repair the robots that build the cars. There still needs to be a supply of artisan labour but the need grows smaller every year. At the end of the day, robots are robots. They need designing and maintenance. They do what they are told to do. Only a human can do that. When the day comes that robots are designing robots, we are all in trouble.
  12. Hopefully the rules will be better enforced on the new trains. Especially standing to one side and letting people off first, and no standing in the middle of the doorway when people are trying to get on. I'm not a violent person but sometimes the metro brings me close to losing my temper. They should take a leaf out of Japan's book where speaking is frowned upon. One thing I would like to see implemented is that if you smell bad then no admittance. The smell on the train is horrible sometimes, even in the morning. How can people not wash and wear the same clothes day after day? I am surprised that they moved away from Kinki Sharyo trains. The current fleet is fantastic, it's just the people riding it and the lack of rule enforcement.
  13. Barry

    Dubai Based Careem Quits Turkey Market

    I used to have Uber and Careem apps on my phone. Any time I've needed them I've been stuck way out in the middle of nowhere and they didn't show up. RTA taxi has always come first after waiting 30+ minutes for Uber/Careem. Maybe they're better organized in other countries but my experience has been unless you're in a central city location they're useless.
  14. Barry

    The diesel appreciation thread

    Here's a story about the 1.7 dti astra and corsas. There is an electronic controller on the pump that fails, way down the back of the engine. The car starts, runs for a few seconds and dies. I have seen many cars with that problem being scrapped because vauxhall/Opel wanted to fit a new computer so I used to buy them direct from the scrapyard. It's a simple fix. Re solder a couple of dry joints on the computer and the car is good as new, 30 minutes work. Made a lot of money doing that. Anyone got any love for the Peugeot/Citroen XUD series?
  15. While Elon Musk may be a genius and made huge leaps forward with Space X, he certainly is a mouthpiece on social media which may be construed as a being a liability. He posts first and thinks later. His latest escapade where he built a "submarine" to rescue the kids trapped in a cave in Thailand for example. One of the rescuers said Musks device was useless and Musk straight out called him a paedophile asking why any white man would ever be in Thailand other than wanting to abuse children. He did retract his comment but soon put it straight back out there which currently involves a lawsuit with the rescuer suing him for defamation. I love what the guy is doing but he's a straight up liability and I don't blame the Saudis for looking for something else to invest in. I believe the lack of Saudi confidence is what made Elon change his plans.