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  1. What a stupid idea. I saw a guy change a bottom pulley before. Put the new pulley on, started the engine and bent nearly every valve.
  2. You can swap some of the parts with Ford Focus stuff.
  3. Congratulations. Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.
  4. If the oil is black it's the rear crankshaft oil seal. If it's red it's the gearbox input shaft seal. That's assuming the oil isn't leaking down from the top of the engine, rocker covers etc. Good news is the seals aren't expensive, well under 100 dhs. Bad news is the gearbox has to come out to fix it so expect a labour bill somewhere between 600-1000 depending on the garage. Best to change both seals when the gearbox is out rather than have the other one fail in a few months and have to pay labour charge to remove the gearbox again.
  5. You can metal bumpers under 1000. @DiamondDallas where was that place we where at in Al Awir?
  6. Make sure you get a proper 4 wheel 3D alignment done afterwards. A guy came to me a while back after getting a lift done at a monkey shop, complained that the car was unstable. The problems was massive positive camber like in the picture below. A lot of these people are good at swapping parts but when it comes to setting up, adjustments, anything technical, they haven't got a clue.
  7. That is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. It's basically the same as having a broken exhaust. Some exhaust gases are released before they get to the silencer which is what creates the noise. RTA will fail you for it. The police will fine you for it. There's the risk of fire hazard because of the hot exhaust gases being released under the car instead of out the back. You could end up melting the petrol tank or setting fire to the carpets inside with the heat. There's also the danger of exhaust gases getting into the passenger compartment and poisoning everyone. A guy and his girlfriend died in England in a similar manner a couple of months ago. Here's the story, Theres full information on the U.K. car forums if you want to read the full story but the guy had done more or less the same as you're suggesting. If you want more noise, get a proper exhaust system. @Gaurav can recommend a shop that custom built a system for his Pajero.
  8. Yes, that is a strut brace. It's generally for cars with a monocoque chassis on road and track. Ive never seen anything like that done on a 4x4 but then again I was never really into 4x4 before.
  9. What? Sounds crazy to me.
  10. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. The first reason is safety, the second reason is rigidity. If you push a car hard, then push the same car hard again with a roll cage, you will feel the difference in the corners. A car body has an unbelievable amount of flex and a cage takes this flex out. All the stresses are transferred to the suspension where they should be and the suspension can do its job properly. For fast road use, you can achieve a similar effect without a cage by adding front and rear strut braces. It's a lot cheaper and less intrusive. Seam welding the body shell is another method used to reduce flex and increase rigidity. Ill also add, never drive a caged car without wearing a helmet. Not even for a short journey. When you get flung around in an accident, your head will get badly cracked open on the roof bar. The cage should be padded in areas where your body can impact and a helmet worn to reduce injuries.
  11. No offense taken. It's funny because my Irish is actually terrible.
  12. I have a lot of good contacts in U.K. and France. Cheap parts are available in the time it takes the scrapyard to remove them. The real question is is the customer prepared to wait for them to come to UAE?
  13. The 206 CC you mean? The convertible? Very popular car in my country and I have a lot of experience with them. Generally, they're good cars if you buy a good one but like anything, there are a lot of dogs out there. The weak points are, Radius arm bearings in the rear axle. When they fail, the back end can wander. Look at back arches for signs of the tyres rubbing on the inside. Easily repairable if caught in time. Between me and @shadow79 we can repair them, I've done maybe 20-30. COMMS2000 unit. This is the unit that houses the indicator and wiper stalks. It also houses the airbag and horn clock spring wires and these can break over time. Telltale sign is the airbag light coming on when you are going round corners or parking. Easily replaced if you know what you're doing. £60 for a second hand unit at home so I guess around 300 dhs here. Roof stops working. 9 times out of 10, it's the control relay in the back or a fuse. Not an expensive fix. Theyre not bad cars but make sure it has been serviced according to schedule. Timing belt, oil and filter, and if it's automatic most importantly the transmission oil. The autos will only run on clean oil and you generally only get one chance with them. When it's cooked, it's cooked and they need a rebuild. I was dubious that you said it was 2009 model so I checked. Apparently they built them up to 2016 in GCC. We stopped building and selling them in 2006. Every day is a school day.
  14. Can anyone recommend a battery charger for the below battery? It's 12 volt but the problem is it needs a 0.36 amp charge. Anything I have will fry it. I would like an out of the box solution, I don't want to mess around building one. Sorry for the upside down picture.
  15. Good information. Thanks guys.