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  1. The biggest problem you will face on modern diesels here is that it is mostly city driving. Even the big roads are stop start traffic in peak hours. The DPF will never get hot enough to regen and lead to expensive problems down the line. I prefer diesel cars personally. Great economy, awesome torque for pulling off the line. Better for tuning than petrol engines too. You have a naturally high compression ratio and the internals are stronger so can handle a lot more power.
  2. It will fit straight in but you will need to change ECU and key transponder/receiver. Chances are nobody will notice unless they start digging around engine serial numbers which is unlikely on a Lancer.
  3. I would remove and inspect, measure stem thickness etc. If they are ok, relap and fit back.
  4. Here are some prototype pics
  5. I didn’t even know this was a thing. Prototype built by LR under BMW management using a V12 from a 7er. I bet it would have sold well in Dubai. https://www.autocar.co.uk/opinion/2013-range-rover-4/how-range-rover-became-120k-luxury-car
  6. Renault had the 4CV. It was designed to compete with the Citroen 2CV but was a lot more refined and had more in common with the VW Beetle due to having a 4 cylinder rear mounted engine, unlike the 2 cylinder front mounted engine of the 2CV. The sales never matches that of the 2CV. One of the 2CVs biggest selling points was that almost anyone with a bit of technical knowledge could repair it in the middle of a field with minimal tools. The 4CV was too refined and complex for this. To show the simplicity of the 2CV, here is a short story about a man who got stuck in the desert in one and converted it to a 2 wheeled motorbike to get home. https://youtu.be/hFMWgSgB4sg Mythbusters did a piece on this story. It’s so long since I’ve seen it that I can’t remember the outcome.
  7. Dyane is Citroen too. It was based on the 2CV but it was a hatchback version.
  8. Stuff like this is a real kick in the balls to all the people who abide by the rules and try to be civilised and drive normally Its like a reward for all the people who tailgate and flash the lights and switch lanes without indicators. Who cares what laws you break, the government will discount the fine If you break the rules of the road, you should be punished to the full extent of the law. i know so many people who laugh at the law, rack up tens of thousands of dirhams in fines and wait for discounts like this to get away with it. the law is irrelevant unless it is properly enforced.
  9. Well shit, that didn’t take long The pricing on these things don’t seem too bad either. Comparable with the F150.
  10. Barry

    Maybach 4x4

    I guess it’s a Middle East thing why they don’t sell here? There just seems to be a set list of cars that people buy here and they don’t dare stray outside it. White Patrol after white Patrol after white Patrol, maybe a white land cruiser somewhere. Maybachs seem to be fairly popular with the high rollers in the big European cities. I’ve only seen one maybach in Dubai in 4 years and that was last week outside MOE.
  11. I use the wife’s card to buy stuff all the time and scarily nobody has ever said anything to me. She has a Chinese name and I’m a fat white guy. One look at the name on the card would make it obvious it’s not mine. It makes you wonder what illegal stuff is happening unquestioned on a daily basis.
  12. How long until you see one of these up your ass on SZR flashing the headlights at you.
  13. I always liked the R34 Skyline. It’s one of the last old of the old school cars before everything became modern looking. I do like all the technology in the R35 though. Haven’t driven one yet but I’ve driven a few R32 and R34 and they were a lot of fun. I’m a bit worried about driving a R35 in case it’s too clinical and I don’t enjoy it. Never meet your heroes and all that.
  14. The 24 Hour War is worth a watch before you see the movie. It’s a documentary about the Ford v Ferrari thing.
  15. Alpha DMD Motorworks in Al Quoz 1 Anyone have any information on them? Google isn't turning up anything.
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