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  1. Hello guys, wanted to know what is your opinion on having the front Differential reinforcing and adding a skid plate on a JKU, is it a necessary mod or just... I'm told that the Dana30 on the front JKU is weak and can bend, is this the case? After a few Hard off road trips the axle can get bent for the skid plate, the argument was that unlike the FJ which comes with a skid plate JKU does not, and when in the desert the sand kicks up which will eventually travel to the
  2. Bijoy George

    JKU lift kits worth it?

    Thank you Gaurav, I'm going to dig round a little more on the lift kit debate. do you have a lift kit installed - if yes, from where? I have spoken to jeep showroom, and they were "wishy-washy" about if it left me more confused than i should be Where did you get the CREE lights fixed? I'm looking for a the side lights (flood pattern) + roof tops, with 2 spot and 2 flood pattern/ front bumper lights (spot pattern) (example below)
  3. Bijoy George

    JKU lift kits worth it?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and I have a JKU sport. I'm playing with the ideal of getting a few mods, I need your advise on this. 1) Lift kit - is it really worth it, i'm getting a decent price on the mopar 2.0"kit from Trading Enterprise but skipping the heavy duty drive shaft. But i want to know if having a lift kit is really worth the money spent. 2) Light bar with halogens or LED light bars Please share your experience/ advise it will be a great help. Thanks, BIjoy