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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Hi please let me know if anyone is leaving a slot open , would love to join cheers
  2. Hi All , Was never much of an author but I’ll do my best! I’m really sorry if the terms or technicalities mentioned below are wrong , this is my small understanding and thought I’ll share it with you rockstars Al qudra though being one of the simplest routes , summer plays a huge factor in terms of maintaining momentum. Having a V8 5.7 liter engine , momentum was never much of a concern during the winter sands. I usually never used to worry much about stopping in soft patches , this time I kept maneuvering into hard ground to brake and stop , to avoid Fredrick having to tug me out.
  3. Hi guys ! Thank you for the frequency , I realized my first 4 pre set channels got mixed up and I’m unable to reset it Any help on this ?
  4. Hey guys ! Any updates on frequency for tomorrow? Can get it configured before I reach
  5. Thank you Gaurav ! I’m a little slow in replying ! Apologies! Yes I am confirmed for al qudra cheers and thanks
  6. Hi I have been driving with dubai offroaders for a year now! have a fully lifted truck with all essentials- compressor- skid plates- lift kits- ropes- winches-shackles - radio- flag etc I understand I am an absolute newbie to this club but I do have prior experience , can you please include me in this drive? I drive a F150 LARIAT- 2019
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