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  1. Hey Guys // if anyone is not able to take out time for pictures uploading , watsapp them over to me @ 0508494707 & I’ll update them in Gallery ! cheers! White RRS. 😁
  2. @Gaurav Good Morning, I checked the tow hooks yesterday, you were absolutely right about the plastic covers, front back both need to be removed to expose both "tow hooks".. I plan to remove them at night before the drive... About the low gear option working // still not checked... however, ill check and report back soon. Cheers!
  3. @Gaurav... thanks for guidance... I kept on reading & searching for the same again. Well now I know more about the LO Gear mode & how the switch looks like. The switch on the far lower right side with two options // HI (with Highway mark) & LO(with mountains mark) on it ... that’s the Low Gear Option.. I did some research last time as well but I think it wasn’t good enough.. hope to be right this time.. haven’t gone to car but almost looks like the attached pic (pic is from older model though). however, will test its function tomorrow to make it sure it works fine. cheers!
  4. @Gaurav Good evening, hope all is well... I've checked the ground clearance under front and rear bumper today. Followed below steps: 1- Raised the RRS to maximum height. 2- Measured the distance between road & lowest point on the bumper front side - 12" 3- Measured the distance between road & lowest point on the bumper back side - 15" 4- Measured the distance between road & right side foot board - 12" Also, about the low gearing option, if i am not wrong, does it mean if i can shift from "D" mode to Manual Gear shift as per requirement. Yes, I have the possibility to Go to Manual Transmission mode. Does it clear the first two requirements? Your Pro Advice would be great. I will look for the tow points in front // found one on the back side though but its very close to bumper. Will share pics by tomorrow , will take them in morning light. Cheers !
  5. @Srikumar, thanks for the detailed info. This is second car in my household, I have another one... I bought it like 2 months ago & thinking to give it a try on the beginner level... Just to share, its 2009 UK Specs. Sounds cool, the pros can help to double the low gearing & sand mode on spot .. for the max suspension height & tow hook, ill check those myself by tomorrow & revert back ... thank you !
  6. Hi, I am new to this club // might be very obvious haha.. Would it be okay to join in with an Range Rover Sports ? I believe, i need to purchase some extra accessories? - Engine serviced // no check lights - suspension all ok - gotta check tow points - no previous experience of off-roading while being in driving seat - willing to learn but not sure my ride is the one that should be used for beginners level. - tires are low profile // not special off road tires. but new. Any guidance would be lot appreciated.
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