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  2. Hi Gaurav, it is the 3.8 engine. No modifications as it came like this from the manufacturer. Planning on asking al habtoor if they know anything and i will certainly update you. the car has 89000 km and the price is 45000. Bit pricey i know as i can find similar for a lot less. Hard to get the SWB though. the reason i asked is that if it a special edition then it might be worth buying. If its a scam i would rather spend less and modify with the help and knowledge of you guys and the amazing forum. thanks a lot! Vic
  3. Hahha could be! However there is one at the back of the car and its metallic. could be a limited edition or a scam.. only thing that tells me it existed is the dubai motorshow. it is a very clean car and it will be nice for some desert fun. thanks for the replied Frederic!
  4. https://www.car.info/en-se/spot/71839 only reference i could find!
  5. Hi all, A newbie to the forum and i must say i am glad that i joined! A quick question: A friend of mine pointed a 2015 SWB Adventure Edition. Never heard of this edition even though i think i have seen it on a motorshow. What do you think? is it worth buying it? Thanks in advance! Vic
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