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  1. Dear/s All, My bad (totally) 😢 ... traveling on 20th & back on 27th night. Will be hungry for the 28th. Feb in case something is planned ... else next 1. Looonnggg time gap since I missed out on 7th. Feb & a dry desert on 14th. Feb ... Alas !!! Cheers guys !!!
  2. Hey Man (my savior) from the desert wilderness of the wee hours !!! Congrats once again ... you truly deserve every slice/ bite of it. A quick one ... is this the same terrain which we conquered on 24th. Jan !!! Cheers Man
  3. HaHaHa !!! Rahim bhai, doctor will take a lot of time to diagnose the "sand bug" but I accept it deep down ... through & through - an "Outdoor" guy. 🙏 Thanx for your compliments ... will retain it !!!
  4. Nostalgic moments/ memories of yesterday's "Newbee" drive ... thoroughly enjoyed 😊 A "Special Thanks" going out to Rahimdad/ Sri to have comforted us like children ... it boosted my confidence. Indeed looking forward to more such enjoyable moments with a lovely set of "extended family" members. "Hip hip hurray" ... to the organizers - keep up the GOOD WORK !!! Cheers, Warm Regards !!!
  5. Hi, 1. YES ... it is. 2. Landrover Sport HSE 3. Presumably ... bought it just 6 months ago.
  6. Hi Guys !!! I've SIGNED IN for tomorrow's event (Maliha) having signed up just a while back. Take me as a total NOVICE in the dunes ... but an enthusiast. As I understood, the assembly point is ADNOC at 06:45 ... will be there. Would appreciate assistance in SOS (0503530595) Hope my companion proves it's mettle ... it's a "Landrover - Sport" Any tips, guidance are more than welcome. C U all tomorrow ... Cheers, Bye for now !!! Pickey Singh
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