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  1. Confirmed from my side! I will remove myself from Pancho's drive. Thanks @Vanessa8580!
  2. Hi @Vanessa8580. I am on the other one as I couldnt find an spot on this one. If I can join this one i will remove myself from Pancho's drive. Thanks
  3. Hi @Frederic. I'm so sorry i will need to drop from the drive. I have some work to do tomorrow and will be impossible for me to join. I was really looking forward Murquab drive with you as the last time we couldnt also complete it...it seems is cursed for me! See you next time and sorry again for the late notice. Nacho
  4. @Chaitanya D thanks for including me but I'm afraid i will drop from this drive as finally i have been able to get in for the one on friday. In any case thanks for putting me in and good luck with your first lead! I'm sure it will be amazing! Thanks Nacho
  5. Hi @Chaitanya D! I would like to join the drive but i' not 100% sure if i have done the 5 fewbie drives already. I think I have but I'm not sure. Could you please let me know if I can join? Thanks in advance Nacho
  6. Hey! @Srikumar Thanks for a really nice drive! I really enjoyed the route you selected! I think everyone in the convoy drove really well and make the trip really enjoyable! @Frederic Thanks for the drive also and for all of the tips to do a proper pull! I really wanted to learn so thanks for allowing me to practice! See you soon!
  7. Thanks for all the inputs!! @Shiju Manuel @E.C. TAN eventhough your options seems quite easy, i am quite bad with handmade solutions and i would be loosing the flag every 100meters. I think i would go with the fix mount as @Anish S and @RohanH suggested! Thanks to everyone for your help!!
  8. Hi all! One quick question, which kind of flag support (assuming same price for both of them) do you recommend for a jeep wrangler? The typical suction mount or the bracket that goes installed in the back tire (picture below)? Thanks in advance! Nacho
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