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  1. Thanks for all the inputs!! @Shiju Manuel @E.C. TAN eventhough your options seems quite easy, i am quite bad with handmade solutions and i would be loosing the flag every 100meters. I think i would go with the fix mount as @Anish S and @RohanH suggested! Thanks to everyone for your help!!
  2. Hi all! One quick question, which kind of flag support (assuming same price for both of them) do you recommend for a jeep wrangler? The typical suction mount or the bracket that goes installed in the back tire (picture below)? Thanks in advance! Nacho
  3. Thanks everyone for an amazing morning in the dunes! Thanks to @Wrangeld and @Jeepie for a relly fun drive! Also thanks to @Frederic, @Ale Vallecchi, @Vanessa8580 for taking good care of the group as always! I would like to praise @asifk for his amazing drive today! Going behind you today was a pleasure,not only because of your good driving skills but also because you always keep the good route or adapt it making your follower's life easier and funnier! Thanks everyone! See you soon!
  4. Thanks everyone for a really nice drive! @Frederic as always it was a pleasure following your lead! really nice trip with some new more technical stuff that was nice to practice! @Anish S really nice pictures! of course you had an awesome car model in front of you!😜 I took one of you too! I have saved it in the album of the drive! See you all next time! take care Thanks!
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