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  1. Sorry to jump in the boat. @RahimdadCould you get a 3rd set for me also? Thanks in advance!
  2. @Gaurav good call. I think it is the right choice taking into account the current situation. Hope it passes soon and we can drive again! Take care guys and stay safe!!
  3. i watched yesterday a new movie on netflix called The Platform. I'm not really sure how to describe it but interesting to watch that's for sure. Regarding series i would add; - Dexter. Serial killer that lives a normal life as a forensic policeman - Safe. One guy's daugther dissapear and he is looking for her - The Stranger. Similar to safe - Vikings - Rick & Morty. Cartoon series
  4. I wouldn't call my solution a masterpiece but it works,haha. The flag goes in the tube attached to the suction cup but it is not properly held in position so i fill all the empty space with toilet paper. I was expecting the flag to be falling every 5 minutes but it has been 2 succesful drives already! I know for other people the guy in the shop fill the tube with silicon so the tube stays in place. I hope the explanation is clear, if not let me know and i will go down to the car to take some pictures
  5. Nacho


    First time I've seen this car. It is a Jannarelly, a brand based in Dubai. It had a plate saying it was part of the original launch edition of 30 cars. Quite nice!
  6. It has been an amazing drive today!! It has been a big step for my second drive and eventhough it has been quite challenging it has been an awesome experience! Thanks to @Gaurav for an amazing guidance and to @Mels Wolf for getting stuck on purpose so we could learn how to tow a car!!! Thanks for everything!! Cannot wait for the next one!
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