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  1. sorry @Foxtrot Oscar i have to drop as i just found a damage in the front right tire after our drive and will need to fix hopefully someone can join and enjoy .... many thanks for today amazing experience
  2. All good, just hit back with my cluster headaches bouts which requires some rest and being away from the sun 🤕 hopefully will finish soon 🙌
  3. Sorry have to drop my joining due to an emergency medical condition...... see you soon on the sand ... Enjoy the ride for all
  4. hello @Vanessa8580 hope you good is it possible to be moved to Manage team as i want to include the drive into my upcoming promotion requirement
  5. Dear All More photos are posted to the gallery @Ahmed Wagdy @Lakshmi Narasimhan @Thomas Fumarola @Jasim Khumi @Richard Franks @Roger K @prajupramod @Humayun Ghias Once more thanks @Frederic & @Nivin looking forward to catch up with you in on the sand soon
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