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  1. @Nabil Bisharasomething came up so can’t join the drive tomorrow !! Extremely sorry to inform one day before !! Thank you
  2. @Kailas sorry will not be able to make it this week as some mods been done 🤦‍♂️ !! Thought of informing earlier as I might not get the vehicle on time & someone will lose the chance for the drive ..
  3. @Luca Palanca Falsinii am really sorry that I will not be able to make it up for today drive . My Kid is on higher fever after her one year vaccine . Need to support wifey !!! Sorry for last minute change 🙏
  4. @Kailas awesome drive as usual... @Anish S on your first lead congrats & you managed well... @Hennie Schoeman thanks for observing my tires loosing air.. rest of the convoy guys all drew well .. Seen you soon ,stay safe & happy riding to all....
  5. @Kailas & @Yousef Alimadadi thank you very much for today's drive.. had lot of fun & my machine took up the challenge . First time to do a CF which was cool as well as first refusal pull out (thanks for the directions @Kailas, i will need to buy the rope though) Hope to see you soon... Till then be safe & happy riding !!!
  6. @Wrangeld great day out , shoveling techniques mastered 🤦‍♂️ but had great fun and the learning to manage the pop out tires was nice . Great convoy who helped one another !! happy riding & keep safe .. see you all soon
  7. @Rahimdad unfortunately something came up this Friday ,so can’t attend the drive !! So please remove me from the drive !!!!!
  8. @Lorenzo Candelpergher what a drive today.... brilliant execution, great leadership, always helping, pushing to go that extra mile. This is the best drive i had till date with Carnity. Thanks to the entire convoy/seniors in helping each other & understanding . First time to be in the second position in the convoy which was a great experience. See you all soon, stay safe & happy riding....
  9. @Lorenzo Candelpergher a quick question, we start at 7am or 8am as it might be foggy !! As per the drive details it’s 7am !! Thanks for your time
  10. @Foxtrot Oscar thanks for a great lead, i had to exit the last fewbie drive due to hot oil sign popping up on the dash which was a constant headache for me, tried installing AUX fan, transmission oil change etc , but a transmission cooler installation helped me to venture out yesterday with a whole heart & a jeep ready to roar in the dessert. I was first hesitant but @Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader & @Melenany encouraged to try. All worked out good at the end & i had an awesome time in the cold February morning . @Melenany thanks for the videos !! Rest of the convey members great drive & hope to see one & all ..till then keep safe & happy riding....
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