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  1. Thanks @JeromeFJ for accepting me for this long-awaited drive. super excited - can barely work....
  2. @Islam Soliman apologies Islam for this; I have signed-up for the IM drive on the 1st December after a late approval from the MOI. I will remove myself from this drive. enjoy without me. cheers
  3. @Gary F congrats mate - time to push the Gladiator in the dunes
  4. @M.Seidam well well - my 4th Sweihan drive under your lead Doc. I could not be more happy to leave my bed at 04:30am to get ready for this amazing drive. The pace was great, with a bit of momentum and rest time as well; we all drove well, without any issues. @Lawrence_Chehimi with you holding the convoy in the center, it was easy for me follow @M.Seidam without even looking at my rear mirror. @Arda Yagcioglu great to meet you mate - it is our first drive together. You did give me enough space to maneuver behind @M.Seidam at all times. @Gok Krish camping the previous night and making it for this drive was simply outstanding passion mate. keep it up. We were quite fortunate to be alone in the dunes till around 09 30; this gave us so much possibilities to drive around without having to check whether there were other convoys coming our way. Until nxt time - enjoy your week gents
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