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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergher for such an amazing and informative drive ..definitely learned some new tricks from the conversations...would definitely come back to have some more fun on these dunes. @Russyou were amazing with your support and the awesome recovery tips and tugs..
  2. @Foxtrot Oscar sorry but I would need to pull out from the drive..I hope someone else gets the spot
  3. Usman Basit

    Usman Basit

  4. @[email protected] [email protected] RaptorThank you for a fun packed amazing drive and experience... Lucky to be in the presence of 3 experienced members who were so helpful and patient...congrats to soliman and hoping to drive again soon with you guys.. Sharing the only pic I managed to take..
  5. @Brettesorry but I would need to withdraw. Will definitely join the following week's drive.
  6. @Gaurav need to drop out due to come unforseen commitments. Hope it gives sufficient time for someone else to join.
  7. @Chaitanya DThank you for an amazing experience and constant guidance throughout the drive...loved driving alongside you and learnt a lot of new things. @Hisham Masaad once again thank for the tug..you're an absolute legend..
  8. @Wrangeldextremely sorry Richard but I overslept and wouldn't be able to make it before 615AM for the drive which I had been looking forward to since the start of the week. Apologies again for the last minute drop out.
  9. @Wrangeld @Hisham Masaad thank you for an amazing well guided experience this morning. Learnt alot about my self and the car in my first drive (the multiple stucks and refusals contributed as well I guess). Appreciate the patience (of the entire convoy), support and the multiple tugs to get my car out. Thanks once again and will hopefully see you soon.
  10. Hi @Wrangeld... Yes I couldn't attend last time unfortunately due to some personal reasons. I have done one drive with carnity about 18months back on a range rover sport but bought a second hand wrangler a few months back (2012 sahara) for the very purpose of joining back the club on a much longer term basis this time. Thought I will begin again on the absolute newbie drive to test the car and get myself aquainted with the basics again and move up the ladder to advance drives. Excited for the drive on Friday.
  11. @Ale VallecchiI hope you had pleasant morning. Is there another abosulte newbie drive planned for this weekend by any chance. Couldn't see any in the calendar.
  12. @Ale VallecchiI am sorry for not making it this morning for my first drive :(..
  13. @Srikumar hi, unfortunately I will have to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. Extremely Sorry for the last minute change and I hope someone would be able to join and the slot doesn't goes waste.
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