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  1. @Frederic I'm sorry but I need to pull out from the drive this weekend. Will be back for the next ones hopefully. Thanks
  2. @Srikumar hi, unfortunately I will have to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. Extremely Sorry for the last minute change and I hope someone would be able to join and the slot doesn't goes waste.
  3. @Gauravi would like to "JOIN" if there's a possibility of the drive is there. thanks
  4. Thanks @Srikumar for your prompt reply. The second car is a range rover sport which i think would be more appropriate. Will leave the gear for the second time.
  5. @Srikumar Hi Sri, will need some assistance with the car and gear. posted some pics of the front and back to see if this could work. alternatively i have another vehicle as well. with regards to the gear (gauge, radio, flag etc.)any guidance on where to find these, or else as you mentioned earlier they might not be required for our first drive. thanks
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