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  1. Thanks! Looks like a perfect place to send a drone there
  2. Just spotted on google maps lakes which looks very "natural" not far away from the Expo lake. The area is close to the Arabian Canal, which is on hold. Have anyone visited this place? Dunes, lakes - looks promising from the satellite, but what is the reality?
  3. All Jeeps with 285+ tires would violate this rule…(because if the offset of the off-road rims, including the official Mopar). I have never heard that it causes a problems for Jeep owners…
  4. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher, I can't make it this Fri, so removing myself from the list. Have fun and see you next time!
  5. @PaoloMaraziti The best one is Insta360 Selfie Stick f(it is available in Virgin and Amazom for ~60 AED). it is the simplest and the lightest. It looks more like 70 cm, but not sure
  6. Absolutely agree with @Gaurav. Potentially it makes sense to think about it after lifting, adding 35" and re-gearing, but not before
  7. For simple action cameras (not 360) I found that using a permanent mount is quite convenient (those which are used to fix GoPro at helmets). You can buy them at noon for a few AED (or you can buy the Chinese sets of "all possible mounts" for GoPro for 50-60 AED where you'll have 10 of them). I have 2 mounts like this fixed on my car - after that, you can easily fix your GoPro in a sec and forget about thoughts that it can be lost. Also, this specific point is "reachable" by my hand - so I can use one battery for the whole drive. Its also simplifies post-processing a lot.
  8. My Gopro8 and Insta360X2 never had such issues, worked well when hot... wait for the winter drive First, check that Gopro can film while charging. GoPro8 definitely can't. Options you can consider: Cable Remote control via app or controller (my GoPro8 still consumes a lot of power even in standby mode, Insta360X2 can live in standby during the drive easy) You can just manually start filming when you see that interesting moment/nice location is ahead, and switch it off when someone is stuck or have a pop-out (you won't wait long🤣) I use this approach, I have also fix
  9. Hi @Gaurav, can you pls upload the original/hgih res pic of this and next 3 photo of mine? To here (or any other method you prefer): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bSXtr6h9nSiz4T8rL6KfoHDZnL4sxiBy?usp=sharing Thanks!
  10. I've uploded mine to this folder (as even JPEGs are 18mb each) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bSXtr6h9nSiz4T8rL6KfoHDZnL4sxiBy?usp=sharing Guys, if you can upload the pictures of mine into this folder I would appreciate it (it has only 4 gb of space or so, so we can't use it for all pictures). Or just share your folders!
  11. Thanks @Gaurav for this excellent opportunity to make many fantastic photos. Should we just upload everithing to the directory or use any kind of ext drives? Actually I would like to get at list a few high res pict
  12. Thank goodness with Jeep we can just buy the original Mopar Cold Air Intake 😁
  13. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful sunrise in the desert. Amazing views and fantastic drive!
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