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  1. Nice ride @Tbone. Smooth and lively. The weather was absolutely ideal. The clouds were a nice touch. Good trail today. Mix of different driving which helped me learn a few things. Appreciate the tire pressure advice @Nivin. Helped loads to deflate a bit more. World of difference. Thanks to everyone. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Cheers 🍻
  2. A nice drive with a skilled crew. Loads of fun. Thanks to everyone for a great pace and support. Cheers 🍻
  3. Excited about the drive. Says there that the second half is in the afternoon and that it’s and all day drive but the end time is 10:30am. What’s the actual timing of the ride tomorrow?
  4. Hey all. Jeep giving me problems again. Back in the shop. Need to drop out for this drive. Quite sorry. Hope she’s back and running for the next one.
  5. Hey all, Hope you’re well. Won’t be able to make it. Take me off the list and add the next very lucky person. Cheers and have a Good drive.
  6. Ah mate, well done. Think the newbies got a good run. Enjoyed it. Thanks for leading the way. We’ll catch you on another drive soon. Take care 🍻
  7. Joined a Newbie drive. Prefer this one if I’m still able to get on. Many thanks.
  8. Haha. A quickly learned fact. Thanks for always leading the way bruv. Much appreciated.
  9. Man, just so cool. Geeked. Now just need to sign up in time for a drive 🤣
  10. A magical start. Nice upbeat drive. Great control across the board. Well done @Srikumar at leading the way. Looking forward to the next. Cheers.
  11. Fantastic days fellas. Really enjoyed it. Great leads and great action. High five ✋🏼
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