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  1. Good afternoon all. Hope you’re alright. Do you think we’ll be rolling tomorrow? I haven’t seen rain around here but just wanted to check if anything has been heard about that area. Thanks.
  2. Good evening. Hope all is well. What’s the meeting location for the drive? Thanks. Not finding the link in the description.
  3. Hey fellas. My temperature gauge is blinking. Not sure what’s going on. Temperature seems normal. Engine a little rough though. Going to have to get this sorted so I’m out for this drive. Sorry. Be safe.
  4. Well said @Lorenzo Candelpergher So much learned on this drive and your pre-drive description was accurate, allowing us to come in with the right mind set. This one seemed to be a cross between rock crawling and dune bashing. Slow and steady with thoughtful coordination and communication. That’s what I like about my experience with Carnity: the mix of terrain is a great preparation for anything that comes our way. Speaking of which, I certainly wouldn’t mind Carnity trying out some mountain or wadi drives. Overall, a solid technical drive. I personally feel more confident tackling tricky terrain and that’s the point. Glad to have joined in and looking forward to the next. Thanks to @Ale Vallecchi for the recovery support and clear explanations. Keep up the good work.
  5. Hey bruv. Thanks for the info. I won’t be able to make it so place the next person on the drive. Sorry about that. Have a safe drive though 🍻
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