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  1. Apologies to all, Just woke up late this morning, if i leave now i wont be able to make it in time. I am truly very sorry. Will join the next one. Derek
  2. @Wrangeld Richard, youve been present for my very first two rides (absolute newbie and now newbie) and ive throughly enjoyed everybit of it. Youve been a knowlegde base of information and im privillaged to get to tap into it during my offroading experinces. @Lorenzo Candelpergher ive heard it mentioned that you are the man to get to when there is a pop out and ive see it first hand. i know that its hard work but you make it look so easy and did know exactky what to do. Great knowhow on the drone info as well. i do plan to get one and when i do, i know whos brains to pick. @VipinShetty it was
  3. Hello @Wrangeld, you were amazing. Made my first off road experience enjoyable but more so informative. Ive had a prior experience but you and the team are hands down the best and the reason i and my screaming shortgun will be joining carnity in the coming weeks. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergher for giving me the knowhow on how to deflate my tyres which before for a newbie like me was a task in itself. You were there to welcome me as soon as i reached the meeting point and gave me a warm first impression of carnity. Thank you @Frederic for the titbits of valuable information yo
  4. Hello Team, I will join the drive tomorrow. I am an absolute newbie and here to learn whilst i enjoy the desert To your question below: Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. - JEEP | Wrangler 2 Door White | 2017 Do you have any prior off-road experience? - No prior off-road experience Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets.- Vehicle has front and rear tow hooks I also have a flag n pole | deflator | compressor | Walkie talkie, hoping that should suffice for my first drive. i would appreciate it if i could get a conta
  5. I did and reached no man's land ... Could I get a contact to someone who I can call ... for a newbie like me, I would think that would be important
  6. Got my walkie talkie radio yesterday .. will need assistance with seting up the frequency.
  7. Hello @Frederic & all at Carnity Offroad Club ! 1) I have the 2017 Wrangler - 2 door - White Jeep that i've recently modifed 2) No prior off road experience - this is my first and am really looking forward to it. 3) Front and Back Towpoints are in perfect condition. i do have a deflator & a compressor along with the flagpole & mount .. will be getting a walkie talkie in a day or two. i do not have the tow rope though. Hopefully my experience will be awesome and one of many to come. Looking forward to meet you all - Cheers
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