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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. @Ale Vallecchi unfortunately I need to remove myself from this drive. Apologies for the late notice, I look forward to joining you soon on another drive
  2. @Foxtrot Oscar @Craig Finlayson @Brette thanks for a great drive today. Cracking dunes and solid company made it very enjoyable. Seasons greetings to all and see you in the new year @Ahab Shamaa i'll hold out for that breakfast roll in 2021 😁
  3. Great news @Gaurav. Thanks a lot. I'm really enjoying the experience with all members and marshals/leads and definitely looking forward to the challenges ahead.
  4. @Wrangeld thanks for the great drive today and giving me the opportunity in 2nd lead. Thanks also to @DANIEL NOGUEIRA (the new expert) and @Jeepie and everyone else for making it so good.
  5. @Wrangeld I've just signed up. I'm not sure if there's a deadline for sign up so hope this is OK. Looking forward to it 👍
  6. @Gaurav many thanks again for today. A great day experiencing new terrain. Hopefully see you again soon.
  7. @Fredericthoroughly enjoyed today and have def got the bug to keep going. Thanks to you and @Brette for your support and patience today for all. Learnt alot even just from watching your guidance for those with refusals. Great morning 👍
  8. Thanks @Frederic My names Malachy and I work in education. I've been in Dubai just over 8 years. I'm driving a 2015 Ford F150 stock fx4. Tow hooks are all good. I've been camping a few times so some basic experience of driving on sand, but looking forward to learning the right way to do it.
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