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  1. Hi @Hisham Masaad , I was just 20min away from the drive when i had to stop at Emarat station and return due to an emergency in the family ,, Apologies couldn't update due to the situation and didn't expect a WL since everyone was taken in .
  2. Sorry I need to drop out kid not keeping well , see you next drive guys !!
  3. Hi Ale ,Apologies for last min back out , got an urgent situation at work where i need to attend , See you for the next drive !!!
  4. Thank you everyone for the wishes , learnt a lot on the process and infinity to go , Lucky to be part of Team Carnity !!💪
  5. Have fun guys ,, not sure if it’s the battery coz it wasn’t that long since I’ve changed ,, will get it fixed and see you next drive !!
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