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  1. Hi @Srikumar, is the min 3 drives mandatory for the liwa drive? It seems I won’t be able to attend my 3rd drive to Sweihan. However I drove a couple of times with other groups in several desert off-road drives and am very eager to join the liwa drive. Please let me know if I will still be qualified to attend on the 2nd. Thanks
  2. Yes I have completed one (absolute newbie) and one (newbie) drive, am planning to join the sweihan drive on the 27th.
  3. Hi Richard, I have signed up for this drive for my wife (Ameera). She would like to learn to drive off-road. Can you please put me back on the list. Thanks
  4. Dear Gurav, i drive a 2 door Jeep Wrangler sport. I am kind a new to desert driving and yes my car does have front and rear towpoints. Also, I went looking for a radio in car shops around dubai but couldn’t find find, is it really necessary, if yes any suggestions?
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