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  1. @Luca Palanca Falsini hi, sorry i will have to backout from todays drive.
  2. Hi @Kailas I wont be able to make it for this week. Sorry. Thanks Nafiz
  3. Hi @TboneTbone can i suggest we end the drive by 9 am, if rest of the convoy agrees. It really starts to get hot from 8 , so would be good if we wrap by 9.
  4. Hi @Anish S i have done over 5 newbie drives.. can i join this drive tomorrow if a slot opens up? Thanks
  5. @Rahimdad Just to clarify, i will not be attending this weeks drive. So you can remove me from the waiting list. Thanks Nafiz
  6. @Rahimdad Hi, this is my only drive for the week. However i would like to give away my spot as i am not sure if i can make it this week. Thanks
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