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  1. I have used desertcart a couple of times, they add an extra few bucks and take time to deliver, but I have not used other websites as you need to give a US address.
  2. Rahimdad

    Off road club grading structure

    @BIG T appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and grow. As you rightfully mentioned the grading structure is for everyone's safety, but more importantly to match the skill sets and patience levels. We will definitely evaluate your driving style and other skill levels and inspect your equipment to upgrade you to the next level. Thank you for your patience
  3. Rahimdad

    African Overland Trip

    I remember Qatar Rally champion Saeed Al Hijri from back in the 80s using a Porshe 911 Turbo Cabriolet to give Mohammed Bin Sulaiyem head in his Toyota Celica.
  4. Rahimdad


    @VishalJC thank you for sharing your details with us. I am glad you have time to escape the hectic Dubai life and camp out when possible. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
  5. Rahimdad

    Off road club grading structure

    Totally agree with @Gaurav bhai. We respect your experiences, only we need to gauge your driving skills and understanding of our core values.
  6. Rahimdad

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    Nope. But he will be the next generation Big T. He is an awesome guy just like the original Big T. His name is also Teimur.
  7. Thanks @Gaurav bhai for your clarification. It is not only the driver comfortably but also comfortability of Marshal or Crew with the driver's capability, patience and keeping a cool head in all situations. Grades are there not only to self access and know where you stand, but also for us to know you and your driving capability better. Would recommend you join a few newbie drives so the we can evaluate and understand you better if you have already driven with other clubs before joining a Fewbie or above drive.
  8. Rahimdad

    What went wrong?

    Perfect analysis @Frederic Nuyttens correct on all 3 points. Others please feel free to share any other points you think might help to avoid the incident in the video.
  9. Rahimdad

    What went wrong?

    This could have been much worse, but can anyone tell me what went wrong here? VID-20181208-WA0024.mp4
  10. Congrats @Julien V, well deserved. Looking forward to taking you through the paces of a Fewbie level.
  11. Rahimdad

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    Thank you @Frederic Nuyttens for the amazing video, captures the true essence of the drive.
  12. Rahimdad

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't thank you all enough. Firstly for deciding to join the early morning trip, for which everybody had to wake up early morning on a weekend. All made it to meeting point on time and departure was as scheduled. We drive at ease to the deflation point at which we had our Absolute Newbie lecture. We quickly deflated, set the radio frequencies for the new radios in the family, and fixed our flags. @Gaurav bhai was quick to assign convoy numbers and we were on our way. As usual we started with some easy dunes and slowly worked our way through some medium dune crossing. I was more than surprised to notice that everyone managed very well with hardly any refusals or stucks. We took a couple of breaks to introduce the newbies to some side sloping. These sessions were enjoyed by all. Our next stage took us to our shaded place to rest, share a whole lot of breakfast and drinks and share a few thoughts. Our last stage saw us climb the Fossil Rocks to the same disappointment of not being able to descend from it. Once again we went around the Fossil Rocks and headed out where the newbies were bid farewell and the more experienced team continued to have a quick paced drive for 30 minutes and depart just in time to catch Friday prayers, inflate and head back home. I would like to thank @Atif bhai for doing a brilliant job at being second lead. @Asif Hussain bhai and @skumar83 bhai for brilliant duties to keep the convoy moving. Special thanks to @Gaurav bhai for keeping an eagle eye on the complete convoy and time and again offering his expert advise, help and assistance to keep the convoy intact. I would also like to appreciate the very positive and enthusiastic approach from @Frederic Nuyttens, @jibransayed, @BIG T, @Rana, @Javier M, @ace1988, @Mujtaba and @Julien V Thanks for sharing your pics on the Gallery @Frederic Nuyttens, I have also shared my pics. Waiting for all to share their pics also. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/100-newbie-drive-kalbamaliha-7-dec-2018# All absolute newbie please share you thoughts here.