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  1. Hi all.

    Welcome to Carnity.
  2. Where do I start. A few people got a bit late for the meet up, and were not well prepared, so we started almost an hour late, with a late meet up of 4:30 and the sun to set at 7 pm we were pressed for time. We headed to the deflation point and after a quick deflation and a driver briefing we headed in to realize one of the vehicles was not properly deflated. After a quick remedy we again started and spotted a few Gazelles right at the start. Had a feeling that it was going to be a fantastic day. After about 10 minutes in to the desert we had a pop-out, after fixing the pop-out we realized that another vehicle had low pressure on one of the tires, so we tried inflating it, but less then 2 minutes and the radio once again echoed that the same tire was running low pressure again. After a little inspection we determined that the valve must be faulty or leaking air due to sand caught in the valve. So we changed the valve, inflated it again and after a few minutes the same issue. At this time we tried to change the tire but did not have the tools to do the same, so we inflated it to about 38 PSI and headed out through the track. As we came out to the road we checked again and it was 36 PSI, the conclusion now was that there was some sand stuck in between the rim and the tire which was deflating when the pressure was brought down. After a quick conference we decided to inflate and head to the Qudra Lakes by road. We came to a good spot, the Qudra Lakes seemed fairly enpty. Quickly we got the fire going and the chicken was up for the BBQ from my side and from Saleem. Thanks to Basel who helped with the BBQ and did a very nice job. After enjoying some soft drinks with the BBQ chicken we sat around and chatted till very early the next morning. Being inflated we just had to drive out and back to our homes. In short a very short desert drive, but well compensated by some delicious BBQ and relaxing chat. Thank you to all participants, I really had fun.