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  1. No issues with RTA if you want to foil it using the same color. As for the price you will have to google it up. When Foil a car started it was very expensive, howver you have people who are doing it for below AED 1000/-, just need to check and hopefully you will get a good deal.
  2. Barry is looking for investors not clients. Hahahaha
  3. You are in luck @cyborg. here is a complete list of banks with their requirements and interest rates. Emirates NBD tops the list right now. https://compareit4me.com/en/car-loans/
  4. Wow, the poll is all tied up. We need a tie-breaker or else we will have to start the trip at 10 pm on Friday and conclude it on Saturday at 4 am. hahahahaha
  5. Foil a car is an Aluminium Foil that used to come in Matt black, now you can get it in any color, Matt finish with a shine. Car looks good and the original paint stays protected.
  6. The most amazing video ever. My daughter loves the choice of music for this video also.
  7. Wow, so many new things nowadays, plastic dip for cars. Last I heard there was either paint protection or those rubber things at door ends to avoid door dings or foil a car. I have no clue on plastic dips, however be careful not to get any on the number plate as anything that hinders reading of the number plate when clicked by radar is not allowed.
  8. Car loans in UAE differ for new cars and used cars. New cars have lower interest rates, as low as 1.29% whereas used car interest rates can go as high as 4.99%. I have always used Emirates NBD or Emirates Islamic bank for all my car loans and never faced an issue. I cannot compare as I did not use any other banks, but this could be a compliment to them to have hassle free loans so that I did not have to look around for better service. However with the current situation it is difficult to get a loan, specially if you have not taken a loan before.
  9. Sad to hear that Nick crashed his F1, but glad to hear he is safe.
  10. This guy makes real life cartoon vehicles and this was his second venture. Makes the VW Van look like a real life cartoon vehicle.
  11. Thank you @Gaurav bhai at being brave to post such a challenging drive and accepting all participants with open arms. It was a brave move to make and very trusting to allow one and all to join this challenging trip. Where you have praised the Google Earth to have mapped the terrain so well that we managed to move through easier terrain where a little left or little right and we would be in there till next Saturday, I should praise your eyes and the homework done to get the convoy through with minimum hassles. It was tasking for me to be in the sweep and when it was announced that we need to take the track out was the time I actually saw the drivers gain more confidence and started to understand the balance between when to give power and when to let go, which actually got me relaxed, it was the time I started to enjoy the drive. As I realized later it was a good decision and I enjoyed seeing you work under your rig and thanks to @waqaszohair, Joseph and Shilpa who stayed back to help. It was a sense of achievement and a proud moment to here the Pajero lion roar a lot smoother than the Pajero Mustang which was audible from a fair distance. My day was made when I received a call from Joseph that he was coming and when he added that Shilpa had finished her exams and would like to join too, I was excited to meet them after a long time. What got the trip even more exciting was a little cloud cover and slight drizzle during our lunch break which made the weather awesome. During the trip Shilpa commented that I reminded her of her father, this for me is the highest compliment as a daughter always idolizes her father and I am humbled that you think so highly of me. During the fag end of the trip there where a couple of videos made of driving at high speeds next to all the cars and taking a footage of what seemed amazing to me at that time, and a beautiful message for Carnity.com I cannot wait for Joseph and Shilpa to share all those good times in the Gallery and preserve those moments for life. I do not have any pics to post, I could maybe get away by saying that I was kept to busy in the sweep, but the truth is I was lazy as Joseph and Shilpa were just clicking away and giving me all the time to concentrate on the sweep duties. Sorry. All in all a very handsome drive by some very handsome dudes and a pretty lady to cross a very difficult stretch with minimum down time and a lot of fun. I must add that Waqas Bhai was the quickest of learners I have ever seen and I am impressed with his growth and a calm head over some responsible shoulders which is why my vote went with him, but this does not mean that I did not enjoy watching Mujtaba handle the terrain to the best of his ability and at the end I was happy to equal votes for both Waqas and Mujtaba and even happier to see both parties come out as winners. Well done.
  12. I voted for both days, as @Gaurav bhai put it, I am OK for both days, we just want to be there for everyone. So lets wait and see what the majority vote for. I remember a few people inquiring if we had drives on Saturday, lets wait and see if they respond and that might become the deciding factor.
  13. Thank you Gaurav bhai for posting it early for more people to learn about the drive and join in on this amazing area. Just one request, it is my mom's birthday on 25 March and I would love to celebrate it with all. I will try to convince my wife for bringing my mom to the finish point in her Pajero as my mom cannot make it through the dunes with her back operation. While we head out through the beautiful dunes and meet them up at the finish point and start our celebrations. I will try to confirm the plan and let you all know in a couple of days time. I hope this is fine with all.
  14. Somewhat close to the new Jaguar F Pace. I really dislike the shape of the newer SUVs coming up and their non-existence in a proper 4x4 version. To me they all look like an egg driving on 4 wheels. Did any one notice that the shape of a brand remains unchanged for all its models and its like you are going for a Small, Medium Large or Extra Large like T-Shirt sizes. Good example would be Nissan, in saloon segment, Sunny (Small), Sentra (Medium), Atlima (large), Maxima (Extra Large). In SUV, X Trail (Small), Murano (Medium0, Pathfinder (Large). There is no more individuality to any vehicle, they seem to be churned out in the same way with different sizes. Oh, BTW, The Jaguar F Pace...
  15. 5 Star rating for the video and the amazing effort that you put into every drive before in planning the drive. During the drive in execution of the drive and keeping every one engaged and safe. Last but not the least in posting pictures and closer to the heart your videos of the drive that put the cherry on the cake. One video after another, going through the effort every week of taking clips from your gopro, assessing material that can be used and putting it together with amazing mix of music and engine revs to give us the final product. Great effort and it shows in your videos every week.