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  1. IMG has a huge parking lot if the Global Village parking is closed.
  2. You can get those from any car accessory shops in Nair and in Sharjah Industrial Area.
  3. @Sidshk if fuel is cheaper in Oman, please bring me 1 tanker full. 😀
  4. True that @desertdude. I will be taking it back to @shadow79 this evening and leaving my Pathy in his capable hands. Hope he can save me the cost this time around as I am short of cash.
  5. Wish you let me know earlier @desertdude, I already bought the nail polish remover, which is the only thing I can't use after this task is done and dusted. Already had a can of WD40.
  6. @Barry I have bought the ATF and nail polish remover. How much quantity should I mix and what quantity should I apply.
  7. Currently I too have been using the recovery points that come built in with the vehicle and have had no issues at all. I too like @Gaurav bhai tend to start slow and build up the tug strength with every pull. I always engage in 4 Low for a tug so I am never over 20 KPH. Some recoveries is better to dig a bit to have lesser load on the pulling vehicle. @G.huz if you find any good solution please do share, its always better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Drums unlike disks are meants for the rear tires, how would they cause vibration while breaking as the front, disk breaks are used while breaking, drums are only used fro the hand brakes? @Sidshk you said the vibration is almost gone, have to checked why some vibration is still there?
  9. Its just a way for the greedy people to take the lazy people for a ride at their own cost.
  10. @Sidshk was really on to visit Salalah this year, had everything ready, but last minute change in accommodation means shifting formalities which is never easy. Insha Allah next year.
  11. I had 24 cats and most got adopted except for the 4 left with me. Even these 4 are the sweetest but difficult and expensive to take care off. Won't be able to take one more in as one of my cats does not even like its own litter after they grow up and ends up in fights. Really can't take on one more.
  12. Thank you @shadow79, @desertdude and @Barry for all the useful information. I would be delighted to see you again. I get off around 6:30 pm, hope you will be around for me to pop in and you can have a look. BTW, I will start working on your package now.😃
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