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  1. 1931 Cadillac 355a
  2. Welcome @ging Try this website, all black and decker products are well built and carry a 1 year warranty. https://www.naturesouq.com/home-furniture/home-appliances-tools/vaccum-floor-care/black-and-decker-acv1205-12-volt-car-vacuum-cleaner?ref=pricena_ae
  3. @manums We all missed your company buddy. We will post the pics and videos once we have concluded the trip. Stay safe.
  4. Hi @ging Although I have not used it myself and prefer a complete vacuum and blower when I get the car leaned at the service stations, somebody had recommended the Black and Decker series to be one of the best in car vacuums. The below link might also help you to make up your mind. http://www.toptenreviews.com/home/vacuum-carpet-cleaning/best-car-vacuum-cleaners/ Hope this helps.
  5. I am glad you joined Mujtaba, now I will be able to guide you through some dunes which are meant to play in, Something i believe you have been looking forward to.
  6. @vivian Thank you for signing up, looking forward to seeing you on Friday. your name has been updated on the main post.
  7. @Gaurav salute and respect. Loved the music really good pick and excellent footage. When driving I was see the beauty as a whole, but did not pick up on the details. this video just gave me a much better picture of the terrain we dove through. Love the way you put the pics and video of your flight together. It was absolutely amazing. Now we have 2 videos for the drive, one by Jignesh and the other by Gaurav, both with a very different feel. Well done guys. Bravo.
  8. Thank goodness you did not say a 200K driven 2001 model Nissan Pathfinder. Hehehehehe
  9. Wah Jignesh bhai, what an amazing video with the old times feel. Looks every part a relaxed drive as it was intended to be.
  10. Wow. We have done everything from an absolute newbie drive for those stepping into the sands for the first time, to a slightly more demanding drive in some absolutely bad weather, to the mesmerizing sands of Lisali to a man made lake in the desert in Al Qudra and recently the on-road scenic drive with slightly different kind of adventure in the waters of Khorfakkan in the past month. So what is next? The option was left to those who attended the last drive and the obvious choice was to find a natural lake in the middle of the desert. Is it true? Is it possible? A natural lake in the middle of the desert....You must be kidding me!!! But, Al Qudra is a man-made lake and we have already been there!!!. Hold your hearts as that natural beauty exists and we are going to explore it this weekend. So what is the plan? Who can join? What can we expect? Plan is simple, we drive down to the desert where the natural lake makes it an oasis which we are in search for. Everybody can join, weather you have a 4x4, an AWD, a Saloon or even a bike, it is possible for all to join. Expect to be taken by surprise and we drive on the road towards some awesome dunes and a shimmering blue surface starts to fill the the light brown dunes, behold it is the lake that we all are searching for. For on-road drivers who jst want something new and different to do, this drive is for you. For off-roader who want a taste of the dune drive, lets do some off-roading that will set your pulses racing, this drive is for you. For those who love nature and photography, if you think you have some awesome photos during the day, just wait till the sun starts setting behind the mountains, find a favorable spot and lay your trap to capture some of the most beautiful views you can imagine, this drive is for you. Excited... Lets get down to the details... Once again I would like to thank all the active members of Carnity who have supported the drives by coming out in numbers and have shown the enthusiasm and the will to learn,the beauty of this area is the wonderful lake smack in the middle of the desert which can be reached by road making it a rare oasis in UAE. The plan would be to meet up at 10 am as per the below link and than head out to discover this hidden gem in the middle of the desert, for the Muslims we will find a mosque on the way where we can offer our Friday prayers, non-Muslims are requested to be patient during this time, we will than head to the lake and pick a gazebo under which we can set up camp and sit around and enjoy the lunch and chats where the secret of how this lake came about in the middle of the desert. It is a very interesting story. For those who would like to feel the sands under their wheels, this will be the time to head out and improve and polish our skills. They say always leave the best for the last, photograph enthusiasts would have hope fully found a nice spot by sunset which will mean you will take back memories which can never be replaced and the place will leave an imprint on your hearts for life. When : 24 February 2017 at 10:00 am Where : First Emarat Petrol station on Dubai - Al Ain Road after Outlet Mall. GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KD4Lath3cB42 Level of drive: All levels Plan: On-road drive, followed by some lunch, followed by some dune bashing for interested parties with proper 4x4s, ending with the shutterbugs bringing some shots that will live on long after the drive is over. What to bring along: Stuff for BBQ or lunch with a little extra to share with all, grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and BBQ meat or chicken, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. and appreciate and the most important, you best cameras with the best lenses as you do not see this everyday in your life. In fact, many people will never know this hidden gem. Approximate finish time : 6 - 6:30 pm List of participants: Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099 Vivian John Thomas - 0567480347 Mujtaba - 050 810007 Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  11. Hi guys, i recently bought the Motorola MT777 as I had to buy a new set and the difference in price between the Crony CN888 and the Motorola MT777 was hardly AED 20/-. Setting the frequency on this hand set is is slightly more demanding, but once you have tapped into the main details, it is very simple and follows the same concept of receiving and sending frequencies. 1 - Make sure your set is switched off. 2- Press the Moni (black button on top of the orange one on you left side) and menu key together and switch on you set. 3- Wait for the set to display SELF (which means manual setup). 4-Press Enter and it will show the Channel number. 5- You can choose which channel to program by selecting it from the right know on the top of you device. 6- Once you have the desired channel, e.g., Channel 3 and than press enter. 7- Type 4 6 2 6 1 2 - This will automatically pick up 462.612 5 8- keep pressing enter until your set displays the next channel to be set. 9- Repeat from step 5. Here is a video so you may understand this better.
  12. @Barry Sadly it happens here, but you don't see the papers shouting out about them, the less you know the better I guess. I have had one friend in Al Khan area in Sharjah who rushed into his house to get some urgent documents and left the car running, when he came back out it was missing. He reported it to the police and luckily one of our common friend found it 2 days later in the Sharjah Industrial Area, he notified the police that he had found the car and the car was in Police custody for around a month to check for finger prints and found out who did it. After about 2 months they found out that it was a bunch of kids playing a prank and got away with a warning and a call to their parents. My friend was cursing why he told the police when he could have just taken his car and report back in 2 days, rather than the police wasting his time for over a month. His only fault was he left the car running with his keys in it. False sense of security. Another friend had his vehicle stolen in the middle of the night from Ajman, police found it after 1 month on the Ras Al Khaimah highway burnt to a crisp. third party insurance meant that it was a loss for him. Maybe the kids here just do it for a prank, but they are playing with someones savings and investment. Last year I thought my car was stolen when I looked throughout the unpaved parking where I usually park my car. I went to the police station and they told me to check with the Sharjah Municipality, after checking with them, they were the thief's and I had to pay a fine and retrieve the car from the middle of the desert near Ras Al Khaimah as they thought it was an abandoned car. I could not say much but I did protest that the car was under loan, being paid for, was insured and registered for another 8 months, their excuse than changed to the car was dirty and thus gave an impression of being abandoned. Pulling my car the way they did ended up in the tires, engine mount and some suspension parts being destroyed which further cost me a small fortune that no one can afford after a vacation. For more horror stories, stay tuned to the one and only....Hehehehehe
  13. @Barry you have managed to scare the sh!t out of anyone interested to buy the Range Rover. My cousin brother has owned Range Rover Supercharged for over 4 years completing 120K Kilometers and now has the new one from last year. As @Gaurav has mentioned for a 4 year old car there should be warranty which is why my cousin sold his in 4 years in the first place. Plus the latest offers include a 100K service as well which is a plus. However, resale value is not that great, but for the inclusions on a new car purchase its a fair deal I suppose. The only down side I see to this thing is the Al Tayer is the stealership, ops I meant dealership.
  14. This is awkward, I am lost for words. Thank you Gaurav bhai for the great initiative and an amazing route and drive ending with a different kind of an adventure, loads of food and smiles on every face in our group. To top it all of what a wonderful trip report which takes me back to the drive and the moments that made the drive a successful one, with pictures which will stay ingrained in our memories forever. Thank you Girish Sir and Govind bhai for sharing the amazing pcs. We had a very young explorer and adventurer on our journey nic-named Happy and that about sums up the feeling within the group throughout our trip. Thank you to all for an amazing lunch which was so much and so well prepared that Gaurav bhai and I decided to just have a taste of everything, and I was so full that I barely had my dinner last night. At the end the choice was discussed with the group for the next adventure and a unanimous decision was reached which will be posted shortly. As described by Gaurav Bhai it is going to be a natural lake in the middle of the desert, which is completely different to the man-made lakes in Al Qudra area. It is the promise of a drive where normal saloons can go through and there are beautiful and slightly challenging dunes to satisfy those who have been bitten by the desert bug. Hope to see our regulars and many more on the upcoming scenic, plus off-road drive.