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  1. @Godwin Francis thanks for keeping us informed. See you next time.
  2. @malav1210 very nice put by @Asif Hussain that it will be crucial to carry 2 way radios as I will be driving with 4 new members and my only support so far will be in the form of Sreekumar, Basel and Asif in case he makes up his mind to come. The area is not so challenging, but in the desert it is better to be well prepared.
  3. Alf mabrook on your license @manums I agree you should have your own ride. I would go with Japanese any day. Check out rides available here on Carnity, dubizzle and similar websites. Shortlist a few within you budget and you can discuss them on the forum or call us for more urgent information or hot deal.
  4. @malav1210 thank you for joining with your friends. Please ask your friends to register themselves on Carnity.
  5. @Barry thanks for sharing some very important information and thanks to @waqaszohair for bringing up such an interesting topic. @Ren13 very nicely put, the change of air filter can give you some sound and is cheaper than modding your exhaust. There are 2 types of after market air filters. The more popular one is the cone filter which is a fail at RTA, just retain your original air filter to replace at the time of passing and then change back. The other option is the one that is modified but can fit in to your normal air filter box, but improves the breathing of the car, this one since RTA cannot see, they cannot fail.
  6. @DJSTORMTROOPER A Prado is very capable as is and has all the under body protection it needs, only you night want to protect the bumpers with a skid plate which is about 8 mm thickness, the lesser is better. You may also install a 2 inch lift kit just to improve the approach and departure angles. The only other thing I can think off is a button to switch of the airbags and disable the ABS/TCS instead of having to remove the fuse and add it after every drive. Have you ever driven your Prado off-road or are you planning on mods even before you have taken it out for a ride and feel. Heavy metal bumpers would be a no from my side. They might only look good but are heavy and can really add serious weight to your car, with the power to weight ratio your car will offer you lesser power per kg on your ride. Besides passing metal bumpers on your 4x4 when passing at RTA is a huge problem and you would either have to keep your stock bumper stored somewhere on invest in a new one every time you want to pass the car. As opposed to skid plates which are bolt-on applications and can be removed at any time. Just my 0.02 cents.
  7. As @ayman_khateeb pointed out this seems to be a programming which means change of PCM to a newer one should take care of that problem, however it might trigger some other issues. I wonder if there is a superchip that can reprogram the PCM like it does the ECU?
  8. @BENNY THOMAS congrats. Don't forget to bug them for the Jeep Academy coupons as the tips and tricks they show in that session are something which no one can help you with. Capable off-road machine with proper care and technical know how.
  9. @Ren13 Don't think that it will be expensive to get a lift kit and put it off. At an Iranian shop they will charge you approximately AED 700 - 800 for the stiffer springs. They also have a habit of telling you the bearings are gone, the bushes need replacing and scaring you till you end up spending around AED 2000. A proper suspension kit from a proper workshop will not cost you more than AED 2500 with the peace of mind. looking forward to the updates regarding your ride.
  10. It is a cheapest way, but make sure you do not raise the car more than 2 inches as when you increase the ride height you are playing with the center of gravity. Proper way would be to get a proper lift kit with springs and suspensions which suit the off-road, the springs should be stiff to give you better travel. Besides lift kit it would also be advisable to increase the size of your tire, but make sure you will not have any rubbing issues, plus get proper off-road tires like the Yokohama Geolander ATS.
  11. No idea about Sharjah Saleem bhai, isn't there a China Mall in Ajman?
  12. @ayman_khateeb it will be my honor to meet you and it is a pleasure whenever I read any posts from you. In glued. You explain everything in such detail.
  13. I had off-road cover for the desert which honored any accidents in the desert. Even on road accident means it is one drivers fault which means a fine from the Police and a report which the Insurance has to honor the claim on a compehensive insurance.
  14. They are most welcome to join, let them sign up on Carnity and for the drive. I would recommend you to buy a 2 way radio Motorola MT777 for about AED 160. Most welcome @Godwin Francis hope you have a 2 way radio.
  15. JGC running the GNFD entire course in Liwa is possible. Without any incidents is either luck or knowledge which we do not possess. When you buy a brand new Jeep they offer you a free course in Jeep academy. When I got my Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi I had to follow up to get my free class. Ian and Gurmeet were the ones who showed me how to use it best.