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  1. Rahimdad

    Off-road performance!

    Unfortunately like @skumar83 and @desertdude pointed out its not possible to take the new Pathfinder for off road. Try to get a used old working proper 4x4. There will be a drive every week.
  2. I second you on that @Barry, it would be healthy to know the result of the advises shared on the forum. Sadly very few come back and provide any feedback. Coming back to the topic I have been quietly reading through the posts and trying to figure out what I would do in a similar situation. I did not have to imagine myself a lot longer in this situation as one presented itself on this weekend newbie drive. @Brette got himself a Crony CN888 and it was my responsibility to set it up. I am supposed to be the expert on this one. But practice keeps you perfect and I have been out of practice for over 18 months now. Who or which WhatsApp group should I approach now. Can't think of any, so I googled it up, and walla, I ended up on the Carnity page I had created almost 2 years back. It took less than 2 minutes for us to setup the radio and we were on our way. Conclusion from a live situation for this particular scenario, it helps to save information on such an organized website for even your own future use. As with time you might forget and that's a human tendency. Not saying WhatsApp is not helpful, but in this situation where I have been the one people look up to, I couldn't think of anyone who could help. Thank you @Carnity and hope people would realize the importance of sharing technical knowledge here for our real life situations for future use by all car enthusiast hate to see this information wasted between a very few people on a WhatsApp group.
  3. Rahimdad

    Off road trips for beginners

    Seems like we will need 2 drives for one of these weekends as there are a few who missed on the recent absolute newbie drive and we need another one to accommodate the people who missed out on this opportunity.
  4. Rahimdad

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 19 Oct 2018

    What a day. What an absolutely beautiful weather. What great company and a fantastic day. Firstly starting on time is always essential as we completed the whole trip and more in good time. Secondly with the on going debate about is having information on a website important or share on WhatsApp chat groups. Yesterday @Brette got a Crony radio, we googled how to setup the Crony CN888 and up comes my article on Carnity and in less then 2 minutes set it up. Conclusion for this particular situation information on website is way more useful. We started with a short brief and setting convoy numbering was easy as we had 5 cars only and all expertise was passed on to @Brette as he grew in confidence and performed very well. By 5 pm we had crossed Fossil Rocks which we found a new way to cross even though it looked next to impossible without a single scrape or scratch. This was due to the fact that we started on time. This left us with the question if @Brette would like to continue with us, @Mujtaba had to leave us here and we decided to continue to Faya. My original plan was to head to the lower track and head towards Faya, but crossing the a few dunes on the way my question to @Brette was if he was comfortable when we reach the track. His response was he was enjoying the dunes and we headed to Faya through the dunes. On the way we helped a Rav4 struggling and continued towards Faya. Just as we came close we saw a huge crowd gathered around Faya which a couple of months back seemed abandoned. This is due to the weather changing for the better. The season is on. As I had to take a quick stop at the quad bike shop @Gaurav bhai led the team to a safe spot within the crowd. After finishing up I joined the team where they were enjoying the action. As we observed the action we enjoyed the different snacks and drinks and watched the action unfold. Finally time to say goodbye and we inflated at the Adnoc pump in Mahafiz. Brilliant day with like minded people. Well done @Brette for your second time out. Thank you to @EmVarlet and @Gaurav bhai for the support. Until next time keep discovering.
  5. Rahimdad

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 19 Oct 2018

    Thanks for the heads up @srini62 hope to catch you on next drive.
  6. I hail from the age when parking in UAE was free, pinches to dish out 2 per hour. 10 per hour is not a solution.
  7. Rahimdad

    I saw a thing - Mystery

    The extraterrestrial should also join Carnity and share their technical knowledge with us.
  8. I have seen a Prado 2008 model with 700k on the clock. All the owner does is get maintenance at regular intervals and doesn't want to sell it. It's a work horse.
  9. @Sidshk good choice. Toyota Prado is a very capable car with minimum options and one of the reason it never gives you trouble. Toyota reliability. Just the normal things to check like engine, gearbox and chassis. Being an old car it will give you some repair cost, but Toyota is easy and cheap to maintain. Just change all the oils, plugs wire sets, just to be on the safe side. Happy buying.
  10. Rahimdad

    Congrats Barry for 1000+ likes

    Congratulations @Gaurav bhai for being the second individual to cross 1000 likes. Well deserved bro.
  11. Great initiative @EmVarlet and excellent suggest @Barry. We try our level best to help the newbies understand their cars, however having a technician present on all drives might not be possible. We want to learn more about new cars and all these extra buttons.
  12. Truly you f o a lot of information. Carnity is supposed to be open to these discussions which would help thousands at any given time, but you choose to share it with the few on WhatsApp. It is difficult for a community to grow with distractions like WhatsApp. Hope these technical discussions can be shared on Carnity.com henceforth to avoid all this useful knowledge to be lost.
  13. Rahimdad

    Off road club grading structure

    Thank you @Gaurav bhai for working tirelessly behind the scenes in making this possible. Looking forward to a season under this new structure and hoping this will give a clear indication to all members evaluate their progress.