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  1. Kudos to the Carnity management team, you are doing amazing job!! I have driven with a few other clubs recently but nothing can be compared with the professionalism and how well all drives are organised in a very safe environment but yet challenging in a fun and enjoyable way!
  2. i will do my best to show my skills!! with @Kailason the lead i believe i will be able to keep up the pace with the team! looking fwd seeing you tonight!
  3. @Kailasseems the group is quite advanced so i was wondering if are you sure a Fewbie driver will be good enough for the drive tonight ?
  4. Hi all, just seen this one tik tok and thought it will be an interesting case to discuss what went wrong IMG_2195.MP4
  5. Amazing drive today, very good pace and very few refusals that made the drive really enjoyable! Kudos to @Anish Sfor his excellent lead that managed to keep a fairly fast pace in a very safe manner! Also thanks to @Ale Vallecchi his presence at the rear of the convoy was giving extra confidence to keep up the fast pace! Hope to see most of you next w/e!
  6. Thanks for the great experience last night and it was great to drive along with the some of the Carnity club legends 😀 @Chaitanya Djust for the statistics i had only one minor refusal 😎 Looking forward for some Saturday drives. See you at the dunes next weekend!
  7. Stav


  8. It was an amazing drive today which thoroughly enjoyed! Many thanks for the experience @Kailas & @Yousef Alimadadi IMG_1937.MOV
  9. @Jeepie good morning unfo since the waiting list was quite long i confirmed the morning drive. Apologies for any inconvenience
  10. @Rahimdad thanks for your feedback, indeed the majority of the accidents posted on this thread were mainly due to people tried to fight gravity or lack of attention and ignoring safety matters. i was trying to clarify whether the 2WD was intentionally chosen or if it was genuine human error (i.e people forgotten to switch to 4 wd) but your replies (that thank you all for your input) covered me! have to say it is very interesting topic and in theory i learnt a lot, i will try to keep all these advises in mind when i am off roading!
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