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  1. Please note there is no wood available at the last gas station so make sure you buy earlier! also if someone can buy 2 bags for me and Richard will be great. Will pay in cash! looking forward seeing you all soon!
  2. Just arrived! Dont see anyone else, hope i dont spend the night on my own in the wild 😂
  3. Hi again, guess will be better to qrrive at the camping spot prior gets dark. Who is planning to arrive tomorrow evening and what time are you aiming to reach the meeting point? I dont want to be alone camping out there !! 😁
  4. good morning, @Vanessa8580(or any other member of the team that has experience on Liwa drive) i am planning to leave Dubai around this Friday at around 15:00 and to reach at the meeting point around 19:00 and set up my tent. is anyone else planning to leave around that time ? also is there any specific spot that CARNITY groups will camp altogether? anything else out of the ordinary that would need to bring for this trip / camp (some wood etc) ? sorry my first Liwa trip so i am very excited but also need to make sure that i will come fully prepared!
  5. thanks @Kailasfor the well planned & organized night drive , really enjoy the pace and the variety of the terrain. looking forward for the next evening/night drive soon!
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