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  1. @Anish S thanks for sharing the awesome click 👍🤚
  2. Thanks a lot @Lorenzo Candelpergher and @GauravSoni for an amazing drive today. I can't wait to be back in UAE in November to join more drives, and continue to improve my skills.
  3. Dear @Lorenzo Candelpergher, thank you and Carnity team as really enjoyed the AN drive today. Yes, I would like to join the drive tomorrow. Kindly let me know the next steps involved.
  4. @Brette Hey, looking forward to the drive this Friday. I have a 2021 Wrangler JL with front and back tow hooks and 2 inch fox liftkit. I've completed 6 hours of 1-1 offroad course with Galadari.
  5. I'll be Completing absolute newbie drive on Friday and would like to join this drive on Saturday.
  6. Waqar Sarwar

    Waqar Sarwar

  7. Looking forward to the drive this Friday. A question, how do I RSVP for Saturday Newbie Drive, would like to join absolute newbie on Friday followed by Newbie drive on Saturday if slot is available. Thanks.
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