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  1. @Kailas was very much looking forward for my 1st Fewbie drive, but will not be in a position to make it this week due to some personal reasons 😞. This opens up a chance for one in the WL. Thanks.
  2. Thanks mate, see you there...😉 Yes from the last time you announced it on radio, i am waiting to see iftar bowl...😉 Thanks Brette, and sure it will...☺️ Thank you Dr @Chaitanya D, Last weeks drive was awesome...look forward for more.
  3. Thanks @Gaurav This is really motivating and look forward for more drives with you and other team leads. Thank you @Brette who took me through the detailed basics of off-roading, and some excellent newbie drives. Thank you @Chaitanya D, @Ale Vallecchi the team leads who helped us gain more insights on driving in various terrains. Looking forward to join the drives of other team leads, along with other Carnity Members. Have a nice week, and look forward for the next drive..............
  4. First of all there is no SE V6 version with 400Hp The two variants of Patrol are 1. Patrol SE 4.0 Ltr. V6 with 275 HP 2. Patrol LE 5.6 Ltr. V8 with 400 HP
  5. @Fredericthanks for the reply, is absolute newbie required even after completing master class..?
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