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  1. Dear @Hisham Masaad, i'll have to drop off from the drive due to work commitments. See you in the next drives inshaAllah!
  2. Thank you everyone! Looking forward to new thrilling adventures !!
  3. Thank you @Chaitanya D and @Looper for the amazing drive.. It was totally fun!! Few stucks and refusals.. and minor setbacks while climbing up from my side.. but thanks for all the support and advices.. Will be practicing in Manual moving forward to get a hold and feel the power of the X... Appreciate your guidance throughout.. @takeshi sobue - amazing driving brother, and love the sound of your FJ.. Looking forward to next adventures...!
  4. Thank you @GauravSoni for the lovely ride and patience it was good to be back on the sand after a break.. The weather was amazing and appreciate your support for encouraging retries from me to get it going..! Thank you all for the amazing support.. and digging me out 😅 It was a pleasure meeting everyone...! Till next time... Cheers!
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