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  1. I’m thinking of buying same model or an old wrangler instead of trimming GX460 front bumper I would be looking for manual transmission, no problem with fixing minor issues myself. But I haven’t thought of specs (gcc or import). Does it make big difference?
  2. @Vanessa8580, since Suresh isn’t joining, could you add in waiting list, I’ll RSVP once it open. Hope my front bumper has chances to survive on this route:) Can I take my 5 year-old son by the way?
  3. Hello! I’m Anton. Lexus GX460, tow points are there. I have minimum required off-road gear and minimum experience: went to sands few times on my own, couple of times bogged and recovered myself.
  4. I won’t join. Can’t find flag holders neither in ACE neither speedex, no extinguishers and radio as well. Next time.
  5. Hello, Lexus GX460, no modifications. No off-road experience. I have deflator with gauge, compressor and sandtracks (not sure if they needed as not in the essential gear list). I don't have flag, full size shovel and radios yet. Will get them tonight unless I can borrow for tomorrow's ride.
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