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  1. Congrats @Brett Eicher on ur promotion. drove with you yesterday.. u where solid with your jeep.
  2. @Mehmet Volgasorry man i am also leaving due to personal commitments. see you in the next drive.
  3. @Zed i have the same question. while looking for insurance do we need to add something related to accidents in desert?
  4. Thanks @Shaaz Sha actually two days back i passed this car with the airbag signal on. I removed the fuse last week and sent for passing forgetting to put back on. so that is not a worry as of now. already asked workshop people to remove the side curtain airbags as its not needed for me personally. So for next drive will bring the same vehicle. To see what break next.
  5. 😂😂😂 exactly what i am planning to do.. no need of curtains anymore.
  6. Marshals, As this is my first night ride, I am planning to install lights for my car where i need your valuable information. Highly expensive one's are a NO NO for me. So kindly advice. Note: Amazon sale is up from tomorrow. 😎
  7. Bravo for the person who brought his brand new LC 300 GR Sport just one day after taking the delivery... @Michel Van Woudenberg 👏👏👏
  8. 👏👏👏 The pajero master is here. @Naveen Raj
  9. You dont need to worry about 6 months duration as I am from abu dabhi and I took my 3rd jab on 26th June 2021. I get 14 days green pass on every PCR i take.
  10. Would love to join, but its on saturday and need to be in office. Gonna miss it. 😪
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