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  1. @Fredericyea its really weird they don't have them from factory and the accessory support for the Hilux here so far has been awful no one knows anything about accessories and just send to the parts department who not very helpfull😆 hope to be out soon with u guys once I get this sorted.
  2. @FredericSadly I Don’t think there is I’ll drop out till I get one and open the space for someone else if it really needed
  3. @Frederic Hello thank you for the welcome yes this will be my first time with you guys but I've been off-roading before in my old jeep a few times currently i have a 2022 Toyota Hilux grs which will be my first time taking it off road properly. I can confirm i have front tow points but not the rear not factory installed in uae currently looking into getting a tow bar but Toyota do not have apparently and there not much on the market right now for the Hilux in the middle east without importing from other markets hopefully that wont a problem. I also have a built-in compressor so hopefully its a good one and tire pressure gauge will be getting the flag sometime this week hopefully.
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