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  1. Hello. I am a newbie with just 1 prior experience. Couple questions Is the terrain ok to bring family on this trip (wife and 2 kids . 2 years and 3.5 years) Let me know pls the specs of required radio and where to buy. Tia.
  2. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergher and @Chaitanya D. I joined the group with zero 4x4 experience, very low expectations and lots of over confidence. It was a humbling experience with new found respect for desert and the driving skill of you both but the most impressive part of the group was the manner in which you helped everyone in every situation and ensured safety of the group. great work guys and looking forward to our next adventure
  3. Yes Chaitanya front and rear tow hooks, recovery points and eyelits are all present and in excellent condition. Also have a compressor, deflator, guage, rated recovery rope/shackles and a large shovel I don't have a radio and a flag for this time. Hope that's ok? Thanks
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