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  1. @Hisham Masaad - generosity, calm and a great car (and man)! the perfect marshal! Many congrats my old friend and hope to see you again soon!
  2. @JeromeFJ - i have been away for a while and coming back to this announcement is wonderful! massive congrats and you know how highly i regard what you do in a completely stock car (albeit a great one ) ... hopeful i can share a drive again with you !! see you soon
  3. @Ale Vallecchi …. What a drive… Thankyou! 95km with only a few stucks and a flat tire! Brilliant drive by the full convoy on a trip that had everything (except the rain). Sorry I didn’t get to see any of you as we inflated and left! Enjoy the weekend!
  4. Hi @Ale Vallecchi happy to offer support on your drive if you would require/value. Pls feel free to move me to the manage tab else happy to stay on the wait list
  5. @Hisham Masaad is this what the frame reinforcement work you mentioned many months ago is designed to prevent? @Ashok chaturvedi very sorry to see this damage and its a first for me seeing such a split in that location... the older versions of our cars had a known issue needing reinforcement (not in this spot i thought) . Was there any other damage (spindle for example). Good luck for a speedy repair!
  6. same positive experience as Ilya - however you must get the valves fitted by a reputable/experienced place (Formula Tires in Dubai seem the go to place for even the garages that sell the valves). they should advise if the XXL or XL vales are required for your rims. There has not been a single negative with the valves in my experience. TPMS sensors will likely have to be removed (some can be retro-fitted back however the garage will advise).
  7. Oh no!!!! @Zed you really don’t value my opinion on how to care for your 💙LC💙 well I guess I have to congratulate you for being a superb driver and hope intermediate drives don’t lead to extreme! many congrats- well deserved and really looking forward to being a drive again real soon!
  8. Apologies @Ale Vallecchi I have to drop from Saturday’s event.. thankfully you are spoilt with the convoy and support. Have a super drive all!
  9. Thanks to your previous advise Zed- I have been tracking the AT oil temp in real time during drives using an android device and an OBD2.. I also have gone through the service manual to keep in mind the range the AT should work within … not a single drive it’s gone over 126c including the recent Liwa trip and driving in summer (… during a break I put into neutral and keep the car running which I read brings the temp down (and proven to for me). I haven’t tried a sustained 4L drive … Ashok if you do experiment with 4L then def leverage OBD2 to observe the AT temp and have this as a backdrop for a decision/review.
  10. @Ashok chaturvedi also take into account the group and their link to certain garage(s) as a backdrop for their recommendations to run full ride in 4L. Also testing their recommendation comes at your own risk (vs theirs) - if you do play around with it to form your own decision, be sure to share your findings. I accidently kept in 4L after a recovery and did a few climbs before noticing - I didn't 'feel' the benefits/difference however it was hardly a scientific test.
  11. @Mario Cornejo in the other camping post I mentioned ‘the Milky Way spot’ as a potential camping venue which is actually in Al Qua- easily accessible it seems and if willing, a short drive past it on the dirt track could take you past all the saloon cars and likely a quieter spot. Do keep me posted on plans you make for Al Qua as it’s on my bucket list also… to drive and camp! AL Quaa Milky way Spot https://goo.gl/maps/rt9SFPG2abJ7SKtz6
  12. Okay @Mario Cornejo you are clearly gifted with an incredible memory to call out my post here! Considering a number of folks who declared interest in camping decided to not camp during the Liwa event!! ( I will not name and shame or judge anyone who made that choice as I am a respectful and considerate member) - let’s explore an easier combination of camping + drive to start and I would would welcome thoughts/ideas? option - Easy camping + drive! Camp in Quadra area on a Friday evening. Join a drive on Saturday AM. Pros: access to Quadra shops/station for restrooms and food (limiting prep needed) A central location to leave from on Saturday morning drives. Can enter without deflating. Cons: Busy area with many other campers Not a remote camping experience Option - Just camp Drive to a scenic venue on a Friday to camp. A focus on finding a nice spot which would serve as a base to enjoy socializing and preparing a meal for that evening. Potential to connect this to a photography drive (so picking somewhere dark such as the milkway spot on AD? Beach Camping spots open up pros: Dedicated camping trip so much easier to bring family. Likely to find a more remote and enjoyable (private) camping spot and if paired with a dark site- stunning stars at night. Easy access as not an offroad drive therefore opening up to more members / larger groups Social opportunity to meet members Cons: not linked to a drive (though there is nothing stopping folks doing one ok the day or the next morning) Remote locations will require more prep and consideration Other options welcome... proposed dates (ideally plan a monthly event) December: Any weekend after the 9th December (most schools finish by then) excluding Christmas eve/day as many would likely have plans. January: 7th onwards February: no limitations March: No limits (starts to get warm)
  13. Simply the greatest drive I have personally experienced with Carnity! @Wrangeld I know you left tired, drained mentally and physically, however, all the care you put in paid off! THANKYOU! brilliant convoy - any stucks were all masterfully self recovered, patience and good humor throughout! thank you @Pacific @Vaibhav @Waqas Parvez @Daniel Rodas @AlexM and @Jeepie for making this such a special trip! @Srikumar I apologize for not keeping to my word and staying back post drive- I finished on such a high that it felt best to use that energy to ride home in daylight! safe and fun day 2 drives for those still there in Liwa
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