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Found 8 results

  1. I tried to improve my Pajero AC every summer however after I have changed too many parts in my Pajero AC I still have low cooling AC compares to my other cars however after trying a lot I managed to reach at least double the cooling I had here some important tips: 1- Check your AC gas level, it might be low or lacking. it's very common and very very important. 2- Change your AC fan, it might be working but not full performance/power. 3- Add an extra fan on the AC condenser (could be fixed along with the main AC fan or with a separate switch or directly connected to the power) recommended to be fixed along with the main AC fan. 4- OR add 2 extra fans one fan for the AC condenser and another fan for the transmission cooler (could be fixed with a separate switch or directly connected to the car power) recommended with separate switch. This is mainly good for the transmission cooling, especially while off-roading. However it also helpful for the AC cooling. 5- Disconnect/disable the heater from the car AC system. (it was done to my Pajero by Habtoor). I never used the heater in UAE you might disable it. 6- If you have a LWB you might switch on both AC front and Rear at the same time as they have 2 different evaporators and in the summer it helps a lot if you use them together. 7- Car tinting, if you don't have window tinting do not expect you AC to perform in the summer. Recommended if you use heat Insulation/reduction tinting. 8- Keep your car AC recirculation switch/button ON all the time or at least until you reach the required temperature. I usually keep it on all the time. 9- Keep your car in shaded/covered parking. ***Even if you have done all the above points and your AC gas is leaking or low you will not get any good results.*** Some people might consider the above point are obvious but believe me for some people they are not I thought to share my experience even if it might help one person that would be enough. **DISCLAIMER** I accept no liability for any harm or damage caused by anyone modifying their car. Always read the workshop manual for your car and consult a qualified mechanic before starting any work.
  2. Emmars Auto Repair managed and owned by all Filipino kabayan is here to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair at low cost. The most important aspect of our business is trust. It is the goal of our firm to have 100% customer satisfaction. Our Services A/C Air Conditioning, Brake Repair & Service, Cooling Systems, Diagnostics, Electrical Repairs, Exhaust / Muffler Service & Repair, Oil Change / Lube Service, Power Doors & Windows, Radiator Service & Repair, Scheduled Maintenance, Steering, Suspension Service & Repair, Tune-ups, Auto Glass Replacement, Custom Paint, Dent & Scratch Removal, Free Estimates & Appraisals, Panel Repair, Full Body Paint, Wheel Paint, Accident Repairs, Caliper Paint.
  3. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We provide all kind of service for all light vechicles mechanical ,electrical and a.c. fixing. We provide 10000 km engine oil change ,flued top-ups , computer & manual health check for 4 cylinder cars 150 Aed. (Oil filter extra) We provide 10000 km engine oil change , flued top-ups , computer & manual health check for 6 cylinder cars 250 Aed. (Oil filter extra) We provide high quality service with reasonable prices as we have excellent expertise in Motrox.
  4. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We providing all kind of service for all light vehicles mechanical, electric, bodyworks, painting and oil change with reasonable price and high-quality service.
  5. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We undertake all major and minor repair of all types of light vehicles specialized in European, Chinese, and Japanese. We have trained technicians for Chinese and Indian buses and we are doing internal shampooing for all vehicles. We provide on-site breakdown services and recovery service.
  6. My regards to all, I have 2009 FX50 since two weeks i start facing problems with overheating. All issues starts when i replaced AC compressor which after replacement AC returns cooling perfect. but suddenly air recyclation was always switched off alone and bad smell comes inside the cabin. I went back to mechanic and he canceled the water heater line which goes inside cabin through front dashboard. Eventhough AC bad smell was gone because of this modification but i noticed the heating gauge was little bit raised up and keep satable . Two days later the car get overheating and i went again to mechanic he found the second fan not working and i replaced it . Now there is no risky overheating, but car not like one month earlier, its simply becomes crazy and still mechanic tell me everything is fine but am sure its not. Now the temperature gauge is raising little bit up if i stop on signal or stuck in traffic, by raising up the rpm raised to 900 instead of 700 , i hear upnormal noises similar to grinding noises , i feel this rough noise when i put my hand on gear stick and the overall temperature in engine compartment is higher than what i used to feel earlier, as a confirmation to this the wheather temperature display on dashboard increases 4-5 c° while stopping car for 1 min. Meanwhile when i run with car at speed 100km/h for 1 min everything returns fine , no noise , temperature gauge returned to original position, temperature display in dashboard decreases to normal wheather temperature . Can anyone help me on this? If i returned the water heater connection is it going to resolve or affect my problems?
  7. Any suggestions or upgrades available to make bloddy Pajero AC as strong as Toyota SUV, In extreme heat it just work but not work fine or sufficient to keep the car cool especially in stop and go traffic. Secondly after starting the car it takes about 15-20 minutes to get the car cool and by the time I reach home with sweating back. Discussed this matter several times with Habtoor service advisor and seems like they give blind eye and deaf ear to this issue and show me the car AC cooling under their covered workshop. I am looking for some type of idea to upgrade to expensive quality AC Gas (freon) if it exists for better cooling? Or increasing the AC power supply that can make it work harder and provide better cooling? Or anything reasonably doable to improvise Pajero AC cooling in Dubai extreme heat at 42 degrees and above......? Thanks.
  8. Barry

    Location Garage

    Workshop based in Al Quoz 4. Equipped with 4 x 2 post lifts and 2 recessed scissor lifts to cope with sports and lowered cars. Team of highly trained electricians, mechanics and technicians to deal with all problems. Working on all vehicles including passenger car, 4x4 and small van. All work carried out including oil and filter change, brakes, tyres, wheel alignment and balancing, exhaust, engine rebuild and tuning, full air conditioning service, steering, suspension, manual and automatic transmission, battery and electrical, audio and video, rim protectors, cleaning and detailing. Any other work including modifications carried out on request. Using the latest Launch tools and diagnostic scanners to find and fix all problems first time.
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