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  1. Hi @Carnity, I am sharing this here as I would want for the Carnity community to benefit of a very unique car before placing it in the public market place. I'll give it a week before putting it on sale in public. @Gaurav, @Frederic and @Srikumar I know Carnity is not a marketplace but this car is too special to go to a complete stranger The White Rhino is a high-end and probably the most maintained and pampered Pajero in the GCC, with the most premium add-ons available for a Pajero in the market. Fully maintained and serviced at Al Habtoor with an existing dealer warranty (Until End of Jan 2025) and extended service package (4 Free Services). This car was bought from the dealer Al Habtoor 2 years ago at 0 km (First Owner). The below is a summarized list and details of the car: · Pajero 3.8 LWB 2020 – Elite Package - Under Al Habtoor warranty until 30th January 2025 · 50,871 KM– Pristine Condition · Al Habtoor Service Contract until 80,000 KM (4 Free Services) bought on August 25,2023 – The Package also includes: 1 Body Polish, 1 Free Brake Pad and 2 AC filter replacements - AED 5460 · Rhinomotive Graphene Pro Ceramic Coating – Al Habtoor – AED 3000 · Underbody Rust Proofing – Al Habtoor – AED 1000 · Dobinsons - MRR Adjustable Shock Absorbers and Coil Springs (Warranty until May 17, 2024) – AED 10,850 · KMC Wheels – Set of 5 – AED 5000 · Yokohama Geolander G015 – Set of 5 – 265/70/17 – AED 3000 · Rear Tyre Cover Delete Kit – Can be reversed to original look (Original Tyre Cover) – AED 1500 · Original Tyre Cover - Custom modified to hold the rear KMC wheel – AED 2500 · AOR Pajero 4DR Roof Rack Kit plus Eye bolt Eyelets and light brackets – AED 5900 · Aluminum, powder coated, External Molle Panels (1 pair). Personally Designed and Custom-made (1 of 1 Set) – AED 2200 per side (AED 4400 Total) · 2 x Black Rotopax Storage Packs and Rotopax Deluxe Lock Mounts with 4x Quickfist holders for shovels – AED 2600 · Front and back skid plates – AED 2200 · Upgraded Entertainment Unit to Wireless Car Play – Al Habtoor – AED 1100 · Rear Lights Black Coloring – Signature Look - Done at Al Habtoor – AED 1050 · 42” LED Front Light Bar · 2 x 75W Rear lights – Double Flood Bars · De-chrome package and angel eyes DRLs · Centralized Gang Rocker Swith Panel – Factory Look (Connected Front and Rear Lights and ready to connect a fan or spot lights, switches are there but never got a fan or spot lights) · Red Caliper Coloring · Pajero All weather mats – Front seats, rear seats and trunk · Engine flush at 20,000 km – Al Habtoor · Everything is at highest premium levels · Most invoices are available, if needed · Over AED 70,000 add-on spending on the car - Not your typical Pajero. · Reason for selling: Bought a new Ranger Raptor · AED 105,000 - Priced for selling, not negotiable If interested, I can be reached on +971 55 4284084
  2. Many of us Mitsubishi Pajero owners will face the dreaded orange blinking Center Diff Lock light sooner or later. All Mitsubishi Pajero Gen4 green lights for the wheels will be OFF, and only the orange center diff lock light will be blinking. There are a few reasons why this occurs. When the ECU notices a vacuum leak after 10-15 mins, it will engage the orange Center diff lock light and will start blinking. Restarting the vehicle mostly does the trick, but if this happens more often, you might be having an issue with either the vacuum hoses, or the solenoids. The first thing to check are the vacuum hoses underneath the car that connect to the freewheeling clutch actuator: This actuator is a small piston that is controlled by vacuum. Check if the vacuum hose is still intact and does not have any cracks in it. Pull back the rubber boot and remove dirt and sand that you will definitely find in there when you go for regular offroading. If all this is verified and found OK, but the problem still persists, move on to the vacuum solenoids, which are located in the engine bay next to the air filter box. Below you will see the set. Mitsubishi No. 8657A031 for a Pajero 4th 2008. Price is around 360 Dhs. Replacing the actuator set: (TAKES MAX. 20 MINS) With a 10mm ratchet you can easily unscrew the two bolts holding the unit in place. Remove the black vacuum hoses by twisting and turning them. They might be a bit stuck so you can use some pliers to twist them gently, and then remove them by gently pulling them. Now remove the 2 electrical connector (push the small lever on top, and pull). They might also be a little bit stuck with dirt and sand and over the years, just take your time and don't force it. Now install the new unit and make sure to put the electrical connectors and 3 vacuum hoses in the exact same way. You will see that there is a solenoid with a Blue dot and a solenoid with a Yellow dot for easy referencing. The old unit can be tested with an Multimeter with Resistance (Ohm) measurement setting, but will not give you 100% confirmation that they are defective or not. We have seen intermittent problems with these solenoids where they become sticky during hot weather only. With the multimeter, put it on Ohms, range 200, and measure the resistance of each solenoid. It should be approx 40 Ohms. If it is above or below, this is the indication that they need replacement. In my case this was an intermittent failure that would come up once in a while, especially during hot days, so i've decided to replace them as the vehicle is 12 years old.
  3. Most of the early GEN4 Pajeros do not have an AUX connection, so it does not allow for other music sources to be connected. Later on they started installing the AUX jack connector in the glove box. But for the people with early 4th generation i made this tutorial on how to install an AUX cable, allowing you to hook up your phone or Ipod. Until now i did not find the time for this install, and used a Bluetooth FM transmitter with a USB stick which i stored my MP3 files on. It's a cheap option, but sound quality was horrible and did not do justice to the nice sound quality the Pajero has with the Rockford Fosgate Setup. Materials needed: - Plastic spatula or knife to remove the AC vents - Soldering gun and solder wire (tin). - Aux cable (cable with headphone jack on it). - Philips Screwdriver Step 1: Remove the vent channels on both sides Do this gently by prying the knife inbetween the vent and the soft part of the dashboard. Work your way around and take your time. It's very easy to do but do not use excessive force. On the vent channel with the warning light indicators, you'll need to unplug the connector on the backside. Step 2: Remove the head unit front panel Put your hands on both sides of the headunit and pull towards you. The complete unit should pull out without any issues. Unplug the connector on the back side. Step 2: Remove the CD unit There are 4 Philips screws thay you need to unscrew to remove the CD unit. On the backside, remove the antenna connector and the two white connectors. Step 3: Prepare the AUX cable In my case this was a cable i had lying around for a long time already. On the one side you have a headphone jack, on the other side you will need to cut the wires and make them solder-ready. You should have 3 wires: The left and right audio channel, and the ground wire. The ground wire is the wire that is wrapped around the other wires and does not have insulation. Step 4: Identify the connection on your head-unit. You will have 2 white connectors. The smallest connector (18 pins) is the one that you will need to solder on. In my car there were already wires connected on these connectors, as this is the connection for future rear seat entertainment. I have cut these ones and soldered my Aux cable wire onto them. See below the pinout for Pajero: Pin 14: GROUND (YELLOW EXISTING CONNECTOR) Pin 15: AUDIO LEFT CHANNEL (BLUE EXISTING CONNECTOR) Pin 6: AUDIO RIGHT CHANNEL ( PINK EXISTING CONNECTOR) Step 5: Solder all three wires properly. Once you have soldered these wires, make sure they are properly insulated, either with shrink insulation or with electrical tape. Once this is done, you can choose where you want to bring the AUX cable to. You can put it under the steering column or somewhere else, but in my case i drilled a small hole inside the front storage box (where you have the ID card holder) and put the AUX cable through there. Now put everything back in its place. The headunit and vents can be pushed back into their place easily. The AUX is now connected to an old Android phone with 16GB SD card to store the music on. You can also put Spotify with offline download option, or just use your own phone. Even a Bluetooth module can now be connected. Note: To ACTIVATE AUX, you need to push on the CD button for a few seconds. DONE. Overall time taken: +/- 90 mins PS On how to fix the ERROR03 on your CD PLAYER. Since a few months i noticed my CD player did not work anymore. There were still 3 CD's inside, but i got the ERROR03 everytime i wanted to load them. It seems this error means one of the CD's is stuck inside. Since i was opening and removing the unit for the AUX installation i had a quick look and was able to fix the error like this: Step 1) Remove the top panel of the CD player by removing the 4 little screws. Step 2) Locate the CD on top. In my case it was stuck out of center. I gently used a screwdriver to get the CD loose and put it back into the center. I suspect it got stuck during offroading or maybe during loading/ejecting. After this, the CD player worked fine again. I decided to remove all CD's and only put one inside when i actually want to listen to it. This should minimize the risk of getting stuck again.
  4. When using your vehicle in the desert, certain electronic aids like Active Stability Control (ASC) or ABS need to be disabled, as the soft and slippery sand will make the traction aids kick in and you won't be able to spin the wheels, which is something that is unavoidable when driving in the sand. Below i will describe the easiest two methods to disable your ABS and Stability Control (ASC) at the same time. You can choose either method 1 or method 2 as per your own preference. Method 3 describes the installation of a kill switch, which will require some work as seen in the video. Method 1: Removing the ABS relay 1) Switch off the engine and open the hood. 2) Locate the relay box and open it. 3) Locate the ABS relay on the upper right hand. Remove it by pulling it out. 4) Close the cover and hood, and switch on your engine. You will have no specific alarms on the dashboard but they will start to flicker after a while (ABS light, ASC light, etc...) and eventually they will stay on which indicates they are completely disabled. Method 2: Unplugging the ABS connector This method obtains the same result, but faster. After unplugging you will have immediately disabled ABS and ASC, hence you will have no restrictions. After your drive, there could be some sand inside the connector, so carefully remove it with some compressed air or a small brush. After your offroad drive, you can open the hood, plug the relay or connector back in, and restart your car. The ABS and ATC dashboard lights will be off again. Method 3: Installing a Kill Switch If you are handy, you can do this yourselves by following below steps. If you are in doubt, get it done by a professional workshop. The most advanced method includes the installation of a special "double functionality" kill switch. These can be bought online but are rather expensive. See functionality below:
  5. I had an issue in my last drive (sweihan) with lead @Asif Hussainwhere my car started withloud exhaust leak noise along with loosing power as it wouldn’t go beyond 5k rpm. Turns out that the catalytic convertor had broken substrate which created back pressure on engine forcing it to cut power ( smart engine!) On researching, I found info on how straight pipe exhausts allow for more engine power while 1. Introducing backfire noise ( gunshot sound) 2. more pollution https://mechanicbase.com/cars/straight-pipe-exhaust/ As an alternative ,its is also suggested to go for high flow cat from a reputable brand. any insights into this Mod. @Frederic @Gaurav @Vanessa8580 FYI , I drive the 2014 3.8 LWB PAJERO with 160k on the run.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a SWB Pajero 3.8 and looking to buy new AT tyres. Preferably going with 265/65r18. Very common size for Pajero in Australia and South Africa with no issues. I originally looked at Geolanders Go15 but I've seen some people complaining about the sidewall strength. I indent to visit the wadis frequently, so I'm slightly put off by that. The other option is Kumho AT51. At this stage neither tyre is available in the size I want but they are available in 275/65r18. There are mixed opinions for running that size in the 3.2 diesel versions but I can't seem to find any information on the 3.8. Although I've seen a couple running that size around here. Has anyone tried 275/65r18 on their Pajero? I'd appreciate to hear your opinions. Theo
  7. Hi @Gaurav Sonii understand from Fred that you are driving a tuned Pajero, I am driving 2008 3.0LWB which has the transmission upshift issue. I am planning to do ecu remap from chipcentic, so prior to getting this done, thought of getting feedback from you on the engine performance and any other issues confronted post upgrade.
  8. I am looking to install light bars for night driving. With a wide array of options to choose from I am Finding it hard to make a choice. Can anyone based on their experience recommend 1.brands that have stood up to the job and which ones to avoid? 2. What is a the reasonable wattage that I should look for e.g 420? 3. For e.g is the LED rated for 420w output or 420 w halogen equivalent ? (Former is better) 4. Which configuration is ideal ? 1 bar on top + 2 small beamers on the hood + 1 each on side + 1 back? Is this overkill?
  9. I have acquired about 5 different dash mounts for a phone holder/ go-pro over the years all of which are useless. Looking for a recommendation for a mount which can be positioned sufficiently out of the direct sun to prevent phone failure or melting the mount... both of which have happened. The air vent mounts are too close to the steering wheel and make visibility and using hand controls awkward. The suction mounts don't seem to like the curved pajero dash and the magnetic holders never seem to hold on off road terrain. Advice welcomed!
  10. I have bridgestones ht on my pajero and about 18 months old. I drive with 13 psi and at 12 in Liwa. Have had a pop out once. So need to move off road tyres and am planning on this however my tyres are still good and am trying to push with them for now. It has occured to me at the time of changing it would also make sense to change wheels. Currently have 17inch stock rims. Need advise if moving to 16 inch rims and 265 would be better and if B there are any disadvantages ? Would i be able to find stock offset rims easily?
  11. Hi, I have a SWB 2011 3.5 Pajero and I really want that extra bit of power. I’ve seen a lot of people say getting a tune isn’t worth it and doesn’t make much of a difference and ive also seen a lot of people say getting a tune is definitely worth it and makes a huge difference for Pajeros. Can anyone give me some advice and feedback if they’ve got a tune on a Paj. Have you had any problems after getting the tune? Is tuning an old car worth it? Will i have more problems arise if i tune an old car? Does it really make that much of a difference? What else did you change on the car when getting a tune, or did you keep it stock? I’m also thinking of getting custom headers made for my Paj, does anyone know where I can get this done in Dubai for a reasonable price. Thanks
  12. hello, i would like to know if you have some specific advise on buying a used pajero 2008. i contacted a garage this week end and the guy told me one of his customer was selling his 2008 pajero 2 doors, 200000 km. the garage is not selling on behalf of the customer but they are friends and she is thinking about selling the car. the maintenance has been done for years in this garage and the mecano told me everything is ok. do you what should I look at, on tope of service invoices and booklets ? is there anything about heavy maintenance I should know about this model above 200k km ? its my first car buying and i don’t want to do mistakes.. thank you for your help,
  13. I've been driving with Carnity for a couple of months now and am steadily gathering more equipment. My question to those off-roaders who have been doing this for longer than I, and probably have a lot more equipment than I do, is, what to do with all that junk in my trunk? I like to be organised and wonder if anyone has got custom solutions where cables and tools are clipped neatly in the back or are most people using those nets you get in the hardware store. I'm sure that if there was an unfortunate accident, the heavier pieces of equipment could do serious damage if left unrestrained in the back of the vehicle. Side note - how do you guys manage your walkie-talkies whilst driving? I've had mine unclip and fly over to the passenger side foot well at least once every drive I've done. Looking forward to hearing about your solutions.
  14. So i have been looking to replace my sound system with an android screen, however there's a lot of aftermarket options in the market which is confusing. Every time i find a good screen i start hearing bad reviews about it, I would appreciate some advices from our pajero owners.
  15. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier - interesting views on the xterra. I looked at the Wrangler and for reasons of questionable reliability and not being as comfortable, I chose to go for the pajero 3.8L, LWB. Its a great car, very comfortable and a good daily commuter car too. Drove it in the desert last weekend and it was great. It was a beginner drive but the Paj handled everything quite easily I thought. I did find the power a bit on the lower side when going up steeper dunes, but I managed to get up to wherever our capable guide @Gaurav took us. So I'm happy with the choice, but only now considering whether I should get a skid plate for the back at least and maybe front and back. views welcome !
  16. Do you know if there is any ues rimm place in Sharja too? need to go to 17 when i get new tyres....
  17. Can anyone tell me from where i can get my Pajero 2014 model Rockford Amplifier repaired. My Dashboard Music system is working fine but no audio is coming out. Agency checked all things and confirmed that Amplifier is faulty.
  18. I'm sure that as we drive a car in long run we always find out new things as we get bored and try to experiment. I found something which maybe lots of people already know and I'm hoping you'll share your tips and tricks to make this thread even more valuable. Since there are so many Pajero owners here I'm excited to learn something new about my wife's car. Here my trick for the day. On your remote key click lock 3 times and that will fold the side mirrors. To unfold them click the open button 3 times and Walla the mirrors will unfold. Hope this helps a few.
  19. So it all started on one fine morning. As a normal day started of with unlocking our Pajero and found some water drops on the seat. No rain that day, but still checked for roof leaks and found none. Maybe the leather sweating? But have not seen drops, if something spills it would cover much larger area. So we cleaned the water drops and continued on pur way. The next morning again we were surprised by the same water drops, but this time there were a few over the dash as well. The suspect was the roof again. But verily roof was dry. Still unsuspecting we cleaned the water drops and headed to our office. In the evening when my wife came to pick me up she was looking pale and scared. She explained as she opened the car she saw something white very quickly move from the passenger seat down and disappeared. She suggested we quickly go to a car wash and get the car cleaned out inside and out. Throughout the way we kept really silent and concentrated on any sounds inside the car. It was completely quiet and our hearts were racing throughout, even a breeze or our own movement would scare the he'll out of us. The strangest hour ever spent in a car in my whole life. There was a strange feeling of something or someone being in our car with us. I kept on thinking we would need an exorsist for our car instead of just a good wash. Finally we made it to the car wash and started emptying the car to have a good vacuum inside. As we were removing the items from our car we saw what once again proved the wife is always right. We needed a good wash and no exorcism was required. A grey mouse jumping in and around our car. What a relief. Tried chasing it out, but not quite sure if that little rodent was still there or gone. As the car was finished and we headed home, we decided to make sure and got some rat glue with mat. My wife could not take the suspense and headed back down to the car just before going to sleep. No surprise there it was the trouble maker, stuck in one of the mats we had placed. She took help of one of the supermarket guys and released the little rodent back in the open. With a few mats still in the car just to make sure, in 2 more days we were relieved and now pondering how he got in. Two days it was in there without making a noise. We recalled going to the tire shop to get a tire checked which kept looking the pressure. We had switched off the car, and since the car was getting suffocating, she opened the rear door for ventilation. The tire just had a bad valve which was replaced, easy and cheap fix, but it must have given the mouse to get into the car in those 15 minutes. My advise, please do not leave your cars open and unattended open the window a crack if required. Thinking of getting all the wirings and electrics checked as mice like to chew on stuff. Please recommend any other advise you deem right in such a situation, or simply share your strange stories here.
  20. Hi Guys , Hope all are doing good. Would like to know, is there any off road trip you guys are planning for beginners? I recently bought 2016 Pajero 3.5 LT and would like to explore the opportunities to drive it in off road conditions. I know there are lot many off road masters in the group so looking for opportunities i can learn bit of off road riding. Thanks Jayakrishnan
  21. ANNOUNCEMENT Special Service Campaign Statement: Recall Safety Campaign for a limited number of Mitsubishi Pajero manufactured between 2010 and 2013. In coordination with the UAE Ministry of Economy - Department of Consumer Protection, and in line with the directives of the Ministry of Economy, Al Habtoor Motors announces a Special Service Campaign for a limited number of Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles which will be effective immediately. United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 05.09.17. Al Habtoor Motors Co.LLC, the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in the UAE, have released the following statement: "We regret to inform that due to usage condition, the changes of temperature and longtime humidity, the propellant (ammonium nitrate) in the inflator for passenger side airbag maybe deteriorated, and as a result, the inflator container may rupture at the time of airbag deployment, therefore airbag inflator has to be changed." All repairs related to this service campaign will be completed free of charge to the customer. A total of 23,144 vehicles, Model Code V90W/W80W, are affected in Dubai/Northern Emirates/Abu Dhabi/Al Ain manufactured between January 2010 and December 2013. No other vehicles are affected. In the interests of delivering the highest standards of Mitsubishi quality and customer care., Al Habtoor Motors LLC (Dubai, Northern Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) will contact all customers with affected models to arrange for repairs to be made. Al Habtoor Motors Service LLC requests affected customers to contact the Customer Service Center on the following: Timing: Saturday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. E-mail: [email protected] We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank our customers for their patience. Ministry of Economy Hotline No: 600 522 225
  22. ANNOUNCEMENT Unintentional Typing Error in Materials on 3.8L 5-Door Pajero (2011MY-2016MY) We regret to inform you that we recently found unintentional typing error in the data for maximum engine output and engine speed at maximum torque that was provided in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), designed catalogue and Instruction Manual for the 3.8L 5-door Pajero (automatic and manual transmission models) for model years 2011-2016. We would also like to emphasize that the fuel economy of the vehicle remains unaffected to the same and the vehicle complies with GSO (GCC Standardization Organization) standards for safety in vehicles. DETAILS AND CAUSES: 1. Maximum engine output When developing the 2011 MY Pajero the exhaust pipe shape was changed to reduce exhaust noise. This change also caused maximum engine output to move from 184 kW to 176 kW for automatic transmission models, and from 175 kW to 170 kW for manual transmission models. However, these output differences were not reflected in the related catalogues and materials at that time. 2. Engine speed at maximum torque When preparing data for the materials an unintentional typing error was made on engine speed at maximum torque: 2,750 rpm was input instead of 3,750 rpm. 3. Maximum engine output and engine speed at maximum torque The values for maximum engine output/engine speed at maximum torque described in the Instructions Manual is that without pre-air cleaner. However, all GCC models are equipped with a pre-air cleaner. Therefore, the explanatory footnotes saying "Figures quoted...without pre-air cleaner" are not accurate for GCC model users. We sincerely apologize for not discovering this incorrect information until now. Should you have any query on this matter, please contact our Customers Relations Department on the toll free number mentioned below. Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concern caused. We appreciate your understanding and continuous trust in our brands. Ministry of Economy Hotline No: 600 522 225
  23. ANNOUNCEMENT Recall Safety Campaign for passenger side frontal airbag inflator on Mitsubishi Pajero. In coordination with the Competition & Consumer Protection Department in the Ministry of Economy, Al Habtoor Motors announces a Recall Safety Campaign for a limited number of Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles with the below details which will be effective immediately. United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 19.03.18. Al Habtoor Motors Co. LLC, the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in the UAE, have released the following statement: We regret to inform that due to usage condition, the changes of temperature and longtime humidity, the propellant (ammonium nitrate) in the inflator for passenger side frontal airbag maybe deteriorated, and as a result, the inflator body may rupture at the time of airbag deployment, therefore the frontal airbag inflator for passenger side has to be changed." All repairs related to this recall safety campaign will be completed free of charge to the customer. A total of 53,918 vehicles, Model Code V9OW/V8OW, are affected in Dubai/Northern Emirates/Abu Dhabi/AI Ain manufactured between January 2013 and December 2017. No other vehicles are affected. In the interests of delivering the highest standards of Mitsubishi quality and customer care, Al Habtoor Motors LLC (Dubai, Northern Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) will contact all customers with affected models to arrange for repairs to be made. Al Habtoor Motors Service LLC requests affected customers to contact the Customer Service Center on the following: Timing: Saturday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. E-mail: [email protected] We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank our customers for their patience. Ministry of Economy Hotline No: 600 522 225
  24. Yes, mixed feelings of the drive. What started as a wonderful drive, ended on a sad note. But am sure that both Gaurav and his trusted Pajero would return very soon, stronger and better.
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