Power Bank that can start a car

A very good morning to all my fellow Carnity Enthusiasts. I wanted to share this simple but useful device which I had bought recently from Dragon Mart, a bit expensive, but totally worth it.

This is a power bank which can easily fit in the palm of your hand and includes all wires to connect and charge your mobile phones, laptops and more importantly start up your dead car battery. It is a bout 12000 MAH power bank that can easily start up your dead car, I have tried it twice with 2 dead cars and it works like a dream, no need to keep it charging for long. Just connect, switch it to 12Volts (it has a switch 3V, 6V and 12V for different applications), and start up your car. It sends a strong charge to the car battery and just starts it up. If fully charged it still has enough juice to charge your 3000 MAH battery completely. Forgot to mention it has a torch also, not so powerful, but useful to eliminate dark spots. Awesome device.

This is what it looks like, I like the case also, very handy and useful.


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Thanks for this great advice, I also got one Anker PowerCore Jump Starter 600 after reading your advise and also got a chance to put it to test few days back when car left on with TV, DVD and headlight at pitstop.

Only thing I like to add here for other car enthusiast's that while recharging the battery, one must remove the jumper cable as soon car starts, or else cable will melt the charger cable and slowly it will stop working. This is the advice given to me from one of the shop who was selling other non branded product (not Anker). I researched on this point and it's quiet validated as unlike conventional jumper cable plug to other car who actually charges the drained battery faster, but in this case it will push the battery pack to charge rather than car battery and also push more AMP through the cable and increase their chance of failure after few jump starts.

So once car starts, remove the jump starter cable IMMEDIATELY.



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