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  1. Mate I have literally just bought a hat! my neck is cooked 🫣 Without A doubt trolly Jack is the way to go 😬😬
  2. Thanks @Davie Chase was a really enjoyable drive, @Luke K P was great at the back! The A team 😜😜 everyone drove really well with minimal issues! thanks everyone for a great morning and see you all again soon
  3. Thanks everyone for a great drive, and @Davie Chase for the early exit, sorry to hold you guys up but Hope everyone had a great morning out in the sand, will see you all again soon
  4. Ali! I’m sorry I have to drop out! I assumed this drive was Saturday! Didn’t even check the date 🤦🏻‍♂️ what an idiot appologies for that
  5. Well dine Gary! well deserved! Now there are two gladiators supporting rounding up the wranglers 😜😜 looking for to the next one mate
  6. Niiice! Love you guys always take good pics! It’s always good to see Gladis from others point of view 🤩🤩🤩
  7. Yeah great drive Today, lots of action, really enjoyed it, everyone drove really well. look forward to seeing you all again soon
  8. Yes great drive everyone and thanks for having me @Davie Chase really nice drive, the convoy drove fantastically! Was definitely expecting more action but the convoy drove like pros, really well done everyone, night drives are not easy. looking forward to seeing you all again soon thanks Mark
  9. Great drive @Davie Chase always great to drive with you! really enjoyed it, super smooth drive. everybody drove really well! I Expected a lot more action given it was pretty soft compared to the previous week, but the whole convoy was driving like pros! Loved it look forward to driving with Everyone again soon
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