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  1. Hi I have Kia Carnival, 2012 model. The engine of the car is really hot. I want to know if is it OK to disconnect any electric connector when the engine is on?
  2. lonely

    car shaking

    I think this is happening because of some issue with the brake pads. I think the brake pads are rough because of which the tires get imbalance and your car start shaking.
  3. lonely

    Welding Aluminium

    I have a very interesting question. Is it possible to weld aluminium for engine blocks? I mean can I do the welding on my own or do I need an expert for the same?
  4. lonely

    Installing Oil Pump

    Guide me with the DIY task on how to Install the Oil Pump.
  5. lonely

    Causes of Idle surging

    Well I know that when the air comes inside the cooling system, it causes idle surging. I faced the similar issue before, and I was reported idle surging.
  6. Welcome to the adventures of BMW!

  7. There is a diesel fume smell in my car. I have no idea why this smell is there. Can anyone suggest me why?
  8. lonely

    Problems in the Fuel System

    Good to discussed that. I was facing one such problem as well. There was power loss when i was trying to accelerate. o at least i know its becauseof the fuel pump. Thanks Man!
  9. lonely

    Oxygen Sensor

    Thanks. I got it!
  10. lonely

    workshop better than a dealer

    I uys are talking about. My father owns an inifniti, and the service provided to us is really amazing. Sometimes they even take car from home for servicing and get it back. We have always enjoyed their services and the customer service too. They are really polite and knowledgeable.
  11. Hey everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather of Dubai. I personally am happy as the weather is improving and finally getting rid of the summers. Weather apart, I wanted to ask about the auto parts that are frequently replaced in a car and when is it replaced?
  12. lonely

    Oxygen Sensor

    Hey peeps. Can anyone tell me, where are the oxygen sensors located in a car?
  13. lonely

    engine overheated

    if you dont have time, then you check check for any leak in your engine. Overheating generally happens when the oil or coolantis leaking. You can open your engine and check if you can find any leaking in thr.
  14. Hey people. please share what noises from the car should never be ignored. I am sure, many people will be experiencing some or the other annoying noise in their car.
  15. lonely

    AC not working

    ya man! You are right. The maintenance of my Beetle is really high. Never thought about the maintenance when i bought this car. Thinking to sell it now.