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  1. I really like reading what everyone said here, beautiful display of knowledge + experience. My input on above are very descriptive, hope it helps. Average life with almost no unusual trouble Japanese: 5 years German Cars: 4-5 years UK, US and Korean: 3 years Average life with half life trouble Japanese: 5-10 years German Cars: 5-7 years UK, US and Korean: 3-6 years Average life with too much trouble, hard to keep car on road with reasonable expenses Japanese: 10-15 years German Cars: 7-10 years UK, US and Korean: 6-8 years
  2. What I meant guys is the replacement filter in box you can change to K&N or any other performance filter, but fixing separate cone filter will invite trouble from the first look of engine bay.
  3. I have been to musaffah few times with my friend who lives in Abu Dhabi, there are plenty of sizeable workshop options there, shop around and get couple of guys to quote you to make sense.
  4. This is very interesting question, and I will try to be specific as much as I can on what is allowed and what is not. Still people do "not allowed " stuff and reverse it on the day of passing. Allowed: Lift kit (2-4 Inch) Air filters Roof rack Snorkel Mild exhaust Fancy head lights or LED Day lights Winch Tire spacers Fiber body kit Tire fenders Not Allowed: Loud exhaust Loud headers Full metal bumper LED flood light on top Sticker job (small or big)
  5. I am using magnetic holder and never had any issue with google maps or waze.
  6. In almost all my cars I had these louvers. It comes with hood louver from the previous owner and never had an issue in passing. I think what Danny mentioned above makes absolute sense that as far as job is neatly done which is safe your car and other road user then RTA has no problem. This failing story must be circulating in market when someone get the sub standard job done.
  7. Me too got flash today when I was at 110 on road of 100 and it seems fake to me after reading this news:
  8. Buy oil company shares and keep it for 1 - 2 year, they will double at least in 2 year with current almost rock bottom prices.
  9. Plan your brakes - increase fuel milegae and reduce engine stress. Service from OEM parts and lubes Avoid getting traffic jam, choose longer routes as extra miles on highway is better than stress car goes in traffic Do regular weekly and monthly check by yourself Park it under shade as much as possible.
  10. Thanks all for adding such educated and unknown information.
  11. Fantastic explanation and finding, although I never got this curiosity before but while reading first half it got me highly curious. So pouring the battery water in radiator is a better idea than masafi...? To not to clog up the radiator over time.
  12. I am really curious to know how does a piston ring seals inside the cylinder and create such an airtight, explosion proof sealing whereas both rings and cylinder is made of metal. There must be something in between that I am missing. Appreciate if someone can kill this curiosity. Lately watched a nice video of how engine works and ended up with this puzzling thought.
  13. This is something very nice move by Dubai Municipality waste management to track and fine the litterbugs in the desert. I been to desert safari couple of times in Dubai and always feel sorry how inconsiderate people throw their trash in open. This use of drone to fine ill mannered campers will preserve the nature beauty and serenity:
  14. This has reached to whole new level now. lol.
  15. Try the nano ceramic coating for preserving the original factory car paint, I had that once in my most expensive car and used it for 2-3 years and sold with the same shiny paint, as when I bought it.