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  1. Has anyone noticed that fuel tank gauge has 4 quarter and each quarter deliver different mileage? This difference is also huge like below: 1st quarter - 120 kms 2nd quarter - 80 kms 3rd quarter - 60 kms 4th quarter - 100 kms I am just curious to know if this is happening with you guys too or not? If yes, then why?
  2. A good turbo build?

    Nicely put derick, couldn't agree more
  3. These comparing sites are not accurate and shows sponsored results most of the time, than actually showing the genuinely lowest offering bank. better to diy little search on each bank site and realize who is better in charging less
  4. Parking habits as per car brands

    Hope your wifey is not on carnity, or else prepare to eat out for a month......btw I just noticed thread is about parking habots as per brands and not as per people lolololol. very nice firey thread started by slick72
  5. Parking habits as per car brands

    No offence but women drivers tend to leave too much space in front and end up parking next to rear white line making the parking behind them ultra tight. I noticed this almost everyday in every female coworker car near my office.
  6. Instead of wrecking cars like this, they should stop the illegal doors from where people are importing. Damn stupid.
  7. Fixing a car with a potato

    I guess the fries are the best use of potatoes, so make one for me too.
  8. Borescope arrived today

    Any videos of this experiment yet?
  9. Changing from old number to a fancy number

    So basically even the crappiest 4 digit is worth 6k+? Only for rich class, I guess!
  10. Fixing a car with a potato

    WOW, but WTF I have just seen on lro official site.
  11. Best car wash in dubai

    I have tried them and they use to be good now sucks bigtime. I dont nag at all and sit quitely at a distance. May be your tenner idea i'll try it out.
  12. Best car wash in dubai

    Which is the best car wash in dubai for all time? I am sick and tired of changing places and experimenting. I like few places who do good car wash with love and pride, and I start going to them and after few atempts I find them doing all shortcuts. If someone do small mistake, I am happy to advise but whole thing turn around can't be fixed, so I must have tried all places I do lot of outdoor travelling in Dubai and tried from Best Emarat station behind awir , grand car wash in twar area and szr almost all are horrible now. appreciate any advise on new car wash places in dubai, thanks.
  13. Honda Accord overheating sometimes

    Also in some rare occasions the radiator big fan viscose clutch fails. Which is easy to catch, if while your heat gauge needle moves up, do you hear big gushing fan noise from engine bay or not as that's the function of that viscose clutch to run on two speed. one speed (half of engine rpm) when car is in normal temperature. Second speed (same as engine rpm) when car starts to overheat.
  14. Sorry @Gaurav no offence, but why should I trust you? I mean who are you? And how much experience you have with cars and engine oil? More than the car manufacturers or engine oil manufacturers?
  15. Al Ain - Dubai daily drive for under 95K

    Congrats on your new ride. Drive safe.