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  1. Bonnet swap

    I have a 2015 LWB Pajero in choco brown, with the bonnet ornament. ( Mitsubishi logo screwd onto it) As I want to foil the bonnet, I need to remove the logo. I don't want to put it back and would have to fill the hole. Who likes to swap bonnets with me ?? Obviously need to be in same color. Mine is in perfect condition. You can call or sms me on 0509511999.
  2. Additional Lights & Foiling

    Happy New Year, Thank you Rahimdad, i appreciate your feedback!
  3. I hope you all had some relaxed Christmas celebrations or at least a few restful days! Since I have my Pajero, I managed to get hands on a used bull bar in decent condition. I haven't yet got it installed but I will send pictures soon. I saw that it had pre drilled holes for installation of additional lights. I am tempted to buy a couple ...any suggestions if they can be yellow (or will RTA And police possibly give trouble)? Otherwise I am happy for suggestions which lights might better than yellow ? Or shall I go for a light bar to be installed in the middle of the bull bar? I am also thinking to get the bonnet foiled. Has someone here in the forum done that already? If yes, what would be approximately the cost and which place can do a clean job. Thank you guys and wishing you a Happy New Year ahead!!
  4. Thank you Barry for your input..well appreciated. It's true for the time-value and hassle comparison. With so many Pajeros in town, isn't there any body kits ?
  5. 70 views but nobody has a comment / advice / hint?
  6. Hi, I just bought a 2015 3.8l Pajero LBW. I would like to change it's looks a bit For the front I wanted a bull bar. There are plenty of options in Deira, Al Aweer and Sharjah.. . Is Sharjah or Ajman still cheaper? If yes, which place can you recommend for buying a front bull bar? I also wanted to upgrade interior cabin bulbs, such as ceiling lights...any recommendation where I can get quality LEDs? I was even thinking of a body kit for my Pajero and I searched the internet quite a bit but only found links for the Pajero Sport model..:-( Can you recommend a source for body tuning? Thank you in advance, all tips are appreciated, Safe driving, Mehdi
  7. Armada Rear Lights

    Has anyone experience with fitting on the Armada the rear tailgate lights of the Infinity QX56? Do they fit? I find them nicer looking the the Armada Tailgate and breaking lights. If they fit, does anyone know which scrapyard in Sharjah might sell parts from the QX56.? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I am new to this forum and am looking for some tips where I can source equipment to individualise my stock-armada. I am looking e.g. For a stainless steel mesh grill for top and down, chrome side pillar posts, chrome side vents, chrome side bars etc. Hopefully some members have some good tips, All the best Mehdi