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  1. I I am hit that hard from the back, i probably would not be in a shape to handle a fire extinguisher anyway.... plus having it in the boot saves me from a potential projectile... i took it out, its in the boot now next to the spare tire. Passengers can sit now in my car without having there feet obstructed.... what was Al Futtaim thinking....
  2. Thanks for your comments. I personally think the footwell is the worst place to keep it, especially from a saftey point of view. The moutings are not at all strong... the extinguisher, beinging heavy and seated in a flimsy holder, will slide or break out of the holder in the smallest accident... imagine it becoming a projectile in side impact accidents and turn overs. It can hurt you badly... The other thing is in the 30 years I drive, i never had to use an extinguisher... not even the oppertunity.... the boot is a good place too, correct?
  3. Bought last month a new Lexus at Al Futtaim, and was it delivered with a fire extinguisher mounted in the passenger footwell. Definitely aftermarket, and really obstructing your feet. Sales guy says its mandatory to have an fire extinguisher in the car, and ..... mounted in the footwell. Huh... I know a fire extinguisher is mandatory to have in your car, but does it need to be in the passenger footwell? Anyone can confirm?
  4. Al Futtaim is adding a lot of local accesories; so called “Toyota approved”. I had a 2015 Land Cruiser, and the navigation unit (local added accesory by Al Futtaim) was replaced twice in the 24 months I owned the car. After the 2nd replacement, it had again a problem; a message every 2 minutes that no satellites are found. I am sure, this would not happen with a Toyota sourced nav. My wife has a 2017 Rav4, with the leather option. This leather is also added locally. Via the vin number I found that the car was shipped with cloth interior from Japan. Its not a big deal if the quality is the same, but the local added leather Is definitely not the same quality as original Toyota leather. These local added seats look great but are terrible hot when the sun shines; so hot that you burn on it. I had many cars with leather seats before, but this platic leather is way hotter than other seats I am used too. i think personally that Toyota cars are great; but Al Futtaim is briging the brand down by adding local sourced accesories.
  5. I had to make a similar choice last year, and ended up buying a new Land Cruiser 5.7. Although it is more expensive, and on paper a less of a good deal; in the real world I found it the better choice. The Land Cruiser design and ride is old-school; I like that. Its ranked in the top of dependable and durable SUV's. There is lots of sound proofing and rubber isolation that disconnects you from the road; ride is sweet, and uneven patches on the road you can hardly hear and feel. The other thing, I am a heavy and tall guy; the seats in the Land Cruiser were more comfortable for my build and they felt more solid in their design. No sign of an rattles and squeaks in the interior; its a great experience not to hear those when driving over uneven roads. For the rest, a Land Cruiser has a lot of hidden mechanical over-engineering; they are designed and build for a 25 year service life; thicker windows and body panels than industry average, stainless steel exhaust and a drive train that is hard to fault; also after years of use and abuse. Excellent off road vehicle, even without mods. I do like the Tahoe, I test drove a 16" of my friend for 3 days. Great SUV, very modern, comfortable. I like the seats, and the interior design; way more efficient than the Land Cruiser. I liked the ride too, miss the typical truck ride, and a bit noisy on uneven roads; its designed to ride with road feel and connection to the road to have better road holding. That is a compromise with comfort. On the quality side, I am sure they are OK, but they are not over engineered. In the end, I am sure any choice made will lead to happiness...
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