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  1. but it does have TRD engine and camry sticker.
  2. I am driving from so many years and never got a wrong fine, as you said you havent received the fine yet so it must not have been recorded in your account. Relax.
  3. Is this the self driving smart car you meant...? Where have you heard this I am really curious to know more about it.
  4. In this case I highly suggest to change your gear oil and gear oil filter immediately. This made for life and dont change until gear stuck is crap sold by dealers to sell you whole tranny when its too late to rebuilt. Delay in responding could be first step, and next will be jerking, then shifting hesitation.
  5. Thanks barry, for explaining it so nicely and luckily with the live specimen from poor beemer intestine.
  6. This is damn interesting answer of a very interesting question. May I add further: Is the middle or last ring is made of rubber? to provide such strong combusion sealing.
  7. Whenever we receive such low IQ question, we normally don't respond as in next few days admin delete such spammy topics. If you are too lazy to google to know who sells Porsche in dubai, then how did you landed up here at first place......!
  8. Well if its a turbo, then it could be a turbo lag that falls in similar timespan 0.2-0.5 secs delay.
  9. Thats really creepy and damn stupid for road users to drive at normal pace during the foggy days. Another thing I notice that many times that almost all cars these days have fog light and not many people know to switch that on. These fog lights are placed in lowest area of car front for a reason that it will provide you quick heads up of the car in front of you, rather than going too close to realize when its late.
  10. I really doubt buddy, as what you are expecting has to have a capability to run native support of android. It's not a problem, but its a design that Ford has made, and you really can't do much about it. BTW, which GT you meant that has native android support?
  11. this is crazy shit, now autonous ambition getting way too far.
  12. i am planning to buy a weekend wrangler in range of 20-30 dhs, can you please suggest any good year or other specifications / model / type? It should be 2 door please. thanks
  13. This is one seriously creative lad in teens, never know what he will do when he is ready for his turn. Good luck kid.
  14. What a crazy but attractive design, idea and thinking....... huh.... Morgan, as usual.
  15. Here you go dude.