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  1. Is cruise control bad for fuel mileage?

    Thanks all, for so much clarification and help, so I can use the cruise on highways in UAE which is almost straight as it really help in not making me tired with foot locked in one place.
  2. I used to think cruise control is good but recently I read somewhere in comments section that crusie control is bad for fuel mileage. Is it true? Please advise. Thanks all guys.
  3. Any advice for selling my car?

    Def this is not the best season to sell any car, as people leaving or already left for holidays selling their car in rush and breaking the market too bad. Summers is the season to buy. So hold until oct - nov and you will get good price but make sure to knock off before dec, as then next year depreciation will make price down again in all cars....my two cents.
  4. Hitting RPM meter red line is bad?

    Thanks treks, for quick reply im feeling better now after understanding the background of it. Is there anything I need to do now or just forget about it and just don't do it again....?
  5. Due to some unavoidable situation I have to hit car rev's so much that it touched the red line and roar very loud. Although I escape of the big accident, and car seem to be driven good as well, but just wondering if this hitting the red line on rev meter can/may cause any issue.......?
  6. Best car repaint service in UAE

    This seem to be very nice job done at least from the pics, I can tell you I have seen much worst job in Dubai from well known and famous workshop. How long it's been painted now and any sign of ageing showing like chipping, cracks, dullness or fading? How was the 3M paint protection experience and cost? was it worth it?
  7. Thanks for your reply and experiance but 5.7 is not I can afford
  8. Wow this is totally new surprise, I used to think that tag has RFID tech and get money deducted when we pas
  9. Thanks a lot everyone for so much food for thought, let me get my hands dirty in some right direction. Much appreciatyed all
  10. Never knew such service even exists man. How much they cost total
  11. Can you guys please explain what exactly hybrid means and if car is battery operated then why 6-7 lietr per 100. isn't it supposed to be zero and petrol used only in emergency situations. That's what the impression of hybrid I have at least, perhaps I am wrong. Also @Barry why lithium digging cause harm to environment?
  12. Yes I meant Tahoe as that's why I added Z71 and posted this topic in Tahoe Forum. May be I was seeing the trailblazer advertisement here in carnity, so my mind wrongly written TB. @Gaurav thanks for confusing me more now for splitting 6 good qualities into 3 and 3. What will you pick if you are in my shoes.
  13. Thinking of big family 4x4 for sometime now and hung up on Chevrolet Trailblazer Z71 2012 model (100,000 dhs) vs Toyota Land Cruiser GXR 2010 model (100,000 dhs). Which one and why? please gelp guys
  14. Ford GT specs reveled...

    with green sauce or red chilli sauce sir? P.S. I meant roll over......!
  15. The 3k, 5k, 10k oil change scam

    Some really very good and valid point made by everyone above. I like what Gaurav said is owner education is must, and whole system anywhere in the world will take you for a ride if you are not aware of your choices. Imaging in UK people driving diesel car, go to petrol station and pour petrol from their own hands. We are discussing about engine oil specifics...lols.....! I seriously think such uneducated / rich / careless / stupid / arrogant car owners deserve 1 million times more sludge than what barry found out. Happy sludging you dumb morons. Another food for thought, that why not car manufacturer write on top of oil cap that exact specification (one or two types) is compatible with their cars. Hiding this key info on 648th page in owner manual is cheeky from car manufacturers side too.