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  1. what if it's our fault? also flipping it doesnt sound soo good and i think.... its the driver's fault!?
  2. in the video it was clear that he was fast and the maybe the traction control kicked then the roll over... Rimac concept one omg one hellofa tech but not sure if thats what the cause of this prob.
  3. haha.. wish i could.. but had to go with friends tomorrow.. hopefully from next week I'll be ready lol
  4. anybody from sharjah with an extra empty seat for this trip?
  5. still didnt forget the 2 hours i wasted to get a quote of 12000 for the e55 at sellanycar Edit: thats what the salesman told its worth. it was 9k actually.
  6. isnt that 2.5L 6 cylinder?
  7. but india needs better roads first...
  8. must be a show car for some malls or other stuff.. isnt it?
  9. storage.... is a problem when you are living in an apartment. Also im planning to take out only one of the mufflers just for a slight difference in lower RPMs and maybe an electronic exhaust cutout later for the other side or right before the resonators. im running on pitch black tint (probably 15% transparency) so chances are 50:50 who knows... just want the car to sound a bit louder on startups and upto 2.5K RPM
  10. Muffler replaced with straight pipe! How bad it can be? I have alot of friends that have done this and passes RTA and stuff, nobody ever got pulled over (luckily maybe, who knows). Although everywhere on the internet it says its not legal, 500 fine, 1 month impound, blackpoints etc. So is it really not legal to do it? I mean there are resonators that still muffle the sound so its supposed to be legal somewhat. What about these ricer hondas and nissans that's all over the place?
  11. 1885 volvo 480 gt
  12. hey bruh how much did it cost you for the new used engine install with labor?
  13. Born in UAE, originally from India
  14. thats really bad.... you could have checked it before buying like bringing it to someone who knows to inspect the vehicle well! Like barry lets say xD