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  1. Any suggestion to buy dash cam?

    i have a Transcend Drivepro 200 which i bought from flipkart for 16000INR (about 900 something AED). Its pretty basic and straight forward. Quality is good and satisfying for its price (as of now lol) but it doesnt have an in-built battery to record in cases of motion detection when the car is off.. but has some kinda sensor when it detects a pothole it starts 'emergency recording'. it have been usefull to me in india (currently on vacation) in 2 different cases. (rear end and people tryna make problems).. its an older model and bought it years back and now i can see it on souq for 555. there are newer model with gps and heres a link to it https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/transcend-dashcam/s/?as=1&utm_expid=59913200-53.Q1QEemz1QWW4d8C2EVSepg.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fuae.souq.com%2Fae-en%2Fdashcam%2Fs%2F%3Fas%3D1 Still not sure about the in-built battery. and a screenshot from the dashcam footage is attached. Btw its Mohanlal in the Land Cruiser. Its slightly over-exposed because i ve put the ev setting to +1 for night but never a problem on daylight highways. In night its kind of a potato but taking into consideration that there is no street lights in india, its pretty good.
  2. is that the velar? maybe...
  3. Seeking advice to purchase my off road vehicle

    this could be a new thread...
  4. you must probably put up more videos @Barry .... as per the videos i ve already seen.. to me, it looks like color only matters from the outside... if black, then it looks black from the outside and opaque/very foggy from the inside of course under the highest settings but even at half.... it looks unpleasant
  5. Seeking advice to purchase my off road vehicle

    https://tinyurl.com/y98dnesx not sure about their reliability but looks good if just for offroad also the Pathfinder
  6. New Aston Martin Valkyrie

    apparently it will! it was known as nebula till this final reveal... also had some code names AMR-RB 001 150 road cars planned to be built and one have been pre-ordered already.. $3.2m
  7. New Aston Martin Valkyrie

    the concepts have already been released at geneva motor show i guess... Looks more like a silent beast but with a v12. out of this world design
  8. windshield repair

    yeah right... we want places like autozone here in UAE... it would be cool just to spend some time even if we dont want to buy anything... also there are lots of such videos in his channel. Chrisfix
  9. windshield repair

    never knew... its for an e55. but these kits must be like AED 30-40
  10. windshield repair

    hi guys.. wondering from where we can get a windshield repair kit to fix very small cracks and chips... have anybody tried this method? looked at souq and its 155 for the 3m brand. The one thats used in the video is only 10.48 usd so... https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-09103-Windshield-Repair-Kit/dp/B000ALJ4MY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499811075&sr=8-1&keywords=permatex+windshield+repair+kit&tag=ehicleirgins-20
  11. 2012 Nissan Qashqai Le T1
  12. forget about it. Do it only on such similar situations when its an emergency... some of the car's ecu cuts fuel when its at redline for the safety and some cars really dont even go past the red line..